es anyone have good or bad experience with Gandi as an domain name provider?

My domains are currently hosted with google (I know¸ I know) and I'd like to move away. But I haven't been willing to move to anywhere without good #2FA support (and SMS 2fa doesn't count). So that narrows the list down quite a bit:

I'm also open to other suggestions, though I'd really like to have hardware 2FA if possible.

h/t @annika for a toot reminding me of the importance of DNS auth


@codesections @annika I've used them for a couple of TLDs that I couldn't get through my usual reseller accounts at the time, and honestly it's been a completely neutral experience. I've required nothing of them, and they've delivered it at a reasonable price.

They're much more usable since they overhauled their management pages a little while ago.

There's a lot worse out there, I'd be quite happy to use them again if needed.

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