<< Data was stolen from an Amazon Web Services-based storage bucket, which included more than 140,000 Social Security numbers >>

How about all of these 'data breach!!! data was taken OUT OF THE CLOUD!!!!' articles instead start with

"Data was PUT INTO Amazon Web Services, which is a sketchy private company with an extremely bad reputation owned by the world's richest man who is currently being blackmailed and who many Amazon users hope, against all the evidence, isn't a literal Bond Villain.."

If you put your company's secret data in the cloud, YOU ALREADY LOST CONTROL OF YOUR DATA

Cos it's in the Cloud.

That's what the Cloud is.

It's giving someone else control of your secret data.

That someone being someone who wants to rule the world.

You can kid yourself for a very long time that nobody who runs the Cloud is going to look at your secret data.

But it's a cutthroat business world, data is money, and you will never know if they did look.

They probably aren't looking! You hope.

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@natecull this has been my entire last couple of weeks at work. Provisioning a new server at work to store our accounting data (the easy part) then chasing back down the path to the end users' machines and disabling every fucking "helpful" cloud service that wants to subvert every control we put in place if you save a file in the wrong place or open it with the wrong program.

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