Saw this and oh the gears in my head really started turning.

No Mike, no! One project at a time!

@mike I have that bookmarked too 😊​

I really like the idea of building a Z80 powered breadboard "server" that could play host to an early internet style website.

Then those gears started turning and it progresses to "wouldn't it be cool if it could be solar powered" then to "I could build a Z80 based breadboard weather station that broadcasts its data via a web accessible interface"

I then close the tab "No, one project at a time" and proceed to open my projects folder with its 100+ subfolders each an "active" project 😂

@carbontwelve I find right now with my C64 revisiting that I'm so close to fully understanding an entire 8-bit computer for the first time ever in my life, and I feel like the inevitable next step is to build a computer from scratch. Seeing things like that really tugs at me hard, heh.

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