Chinwag users! We fell behind briefly but our install has been updated to current and should be a little more stable now.

Please feel free to yell out in the Lobby chat if you see anything odd.

@dolldolldoll for what OS? Conversations, hands down the best in Android but there are some other pretty decent options. iOS I really don't know but I think there's not much other than Monal and ChatSecure. The latter made a few decisions for security's sake that negatively affected UX too much for my liking last time I tried it.

It's been literally years since I used an iThing for anything other than quick tests though.

@dolldolldoll I'd suggest a look at Monal on both, I'd be interested in your opinion of it. I'm about 8 years removed from the Apple ecosystem.

@mike I’m deeper in it, as I listen to Radio National on a HomePod.

@dolldolldoll desktop is a bit of a wasteland. is a decent, plain, all platforms client that'll at least get you going. Dino is nice and smooth but Linux only. Monal has an OS X version I've never used but looks ok in screenshots.

Pidgin is awful and outdated and should be burned at the stake.

Gajim is a great diagnostic tool as it supports everything and has a great backend, but is a fucking UX nightmare that I wouldn't wish on anyone for daily use.

@mike I’ll have a look in the morning. But yeah pidgin needs to die.

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