What is chinwag.org?

We're here to provide you with a good place for a Chinwag with some mates! Talk about whatever you want, I'm not your mum. You can say "fuck" here, but don't be a dick OK? Consider this a friendly, local pub. Make yourself at home, bring your friends, have a good time! Meet new people, have a laugh, enjoy the ambiance, and the Oxford commas. Join our main chatroom if you want more information about anything.

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Chinwag provides Australian-based free and open social networking and communication tools. We have no purpose in life other than providing people with the ability to communicate with other people on a secure, open and equal footing. This instance was started fresh on December 19, 2017. It replaces the old instance under the deprecated chinwag.im domain, which remains live but has new account creation disabled.