What is chinwag.org?

We're here to provide you with a good place for a Chinwag with some mates! Talk about whatever you want, I'm not your mum. You can say "fuck" here, but don't be a dick OK? Consider this a friendly, local pub. Make yourself at home, bring your friends, have a good time! Meet new people, have a laugh, enjoy the ambiance, and the Oxford commas. Join our main chatroom if you want more information about anything.

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Chinwag provides Australian-based free and open social networking and communication tools.

We have no purpose in life other than providing people with the ability to communicate with other people on a secure, open and equal footing.

We've decided to preserve the old NFG.zone rules here which pretty much gel with what we like. Tweaks may be made later.


No Illegal Shit

I mean, duh. Come on. Just don't, because you don't want your posts or account deleted, right? And you certainly don't want us calling the cops on you.

No Griefing

If you can't say something nice, say nothing. Don't fling your unsolicited negative opinions at people. Don't criticize their weight, their face, their partner or their pronouns.

Seriously, just STFU.

And if they ask you to stop talking to them, do.

Admin's word is law

If you're told to put a sock in it, grab your damn sock.

Don't hassle other users

Seriously, I'm saying it again. If you're hassling anyone here, or on any other instance, you're gonna get shut down.

Just. Fucking. Don't.

Enforced Niceness
  • No Racism!
  • No Sexism!
  • No anything else that isn't your business.

Posts & Content

Nudity: We use Instagram rules here. When posting any nudity, where a female nipple or genitalia of any gender is visible, please use the CW button to hide it from sensitive eyes. I know, I don't like it either, but if you persist the whole instance can be blacklisted, and I'll be cross with you.

Violent Content: I don't want it here. Find another instance if you want to share a lot of violent stuff. Occasional posts are OK, but please use the CW button. Spread love, not violence.

Now go, have fun! Make something, share it with the world. Be nice to each other. Smile, skip across the grass, climb a tree, play a game.