ok nerds here is a draft of this essay

> # Comparative Considerations Regarding Distributed Software Architectures

> Together we are strong. Knowing this, how can we write good software?


yo *three percent* of the world population went on strike today. a quarter of a billion people! shoutouts to india

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The very brave Professor Sucharita Sen spoke to @the_hindu@twitter.com about Sunday #JNUViolence and said that the mob's intention was not to scare but murderous.Police watched as she bled & not allowed to exit main gate. How JNU changed in 35 years of her time here.

i love to entrust internet standards to google, the perfectly neutral corporation that has no vested interest in pushing advertisements

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Cops in Uttar Pradesh led by Yogi Adityanath have been given a free hand to kill and silence protestors. Hindi news channels are an embarassment, enabling this fascist regime. This is a carnage

So now voice, internet and SMS services from mobile telecom providers are being suspended in parts of Delhi, on orders of the government to deal with #CAAProtest .

Normalcy is here, everyone.

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Here's the confirmation twitter.com/airtel_presence/st

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**Kafka Down Under: the Threat to Whistleblowers and Press Freedom in Australia**

"It was the head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre who finally admitted before an Australian Parliament committee that she had unilaterally directed and pressured CyberCon to drop myself and an academic research professor (an Australian citizen) from t…"


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**What Religion is Your Nationalism?**

"In India today, if you do not belong to the majority community, your nationalism is suspect. If you do not hail their worship, you are a dissenter. But can a deity represent a nation’s ‘asmita’, self-esteem? Is building a temple nationalism? On November 9, 27 years after mobs destroyed the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, the More The post What Reli…"


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This thread is now the definitive "Why you should join Chinwag" example to show people.


In Blade Runner we were promised giant unethical tech companies ruining everything, instead we got giant unethical tech companies ruining everything.

pretty wild that the panama papers journalist was broad-daylight assassinated and that was the end of it

Some stuff to ward off ennui and despair for the young leftist. You are not alone and your worries are connected to a red thread of struggles spanning eons.

Today is (probably) a anniversary of a millennia old (recorded) first worker's strike. And it had worked.

This day around 3000 years back, year 29 of the reign of Ramses III, workers of Deir el-Medina conducted the first recorded strike

Somewhere in the world, a judge is delivering justice.
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A Brazilian judge just ordered former President Lula da Silva released from Sergio Moro's prison.

An extraordinary day in Brazil - for the world, given Lula's stature.

😃😃 The top trend on birdsite is #Mastodon @MastodonProject
And 7 of the top twelve trending hashtags on the birdsite are ones that give Modi & his troll army heartburn 😁

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