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It's quite difficult to advocate for FOSS software in Education when the NSW Government doesn't even transparently disclose how much they spend on Google services.

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This education.nsw.gov.au/about-us/
says that major contracts (over $150,000) are on eTendering. eTendering says that they've migrated to buy.nsw. The buy.nsw Google listing suppliers.buy.nsw.gov.au/suppl
restricts access to only buyers...

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Wouldn't it be be nice if schools could embrace FOSS software...

At my high school (perspective of a student), they have Moodle set-up on one of their servers on-site. It's perplexing to me as to why the teachers would rather make clunky digital exams with Google Forms and then complain about them not working, than to just use Moodle.

The NSW DoE has become so reliant on proprietary stuff. I can't find any detailed contract information regarding Google on any government website. Help?

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My mother was upset today that my phone didn't have some functionality but instead of saying that I needed to change my choices, she said "it's ridiculous that software hasn't been released freely"! So nice.

Does anyway know of any PeerTube instance in Australia? The nearest one that I could find is peertube.nz.

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