Oh if anyone wants a copy of the German expressionist films:

- Metropolis
- The Golem
- The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

then the torrent magnet links are listed in the following thread. I and others are seeding so they should be available. They're 720p, two have English subtitles and The Golem has none.

I've only watched Metropolis so far but I already like the genre!

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I see references to Metropolis everywhere but struggle to get myself to watch it bc it looks like one of those movies that was the inception of its time, but the awe and spectacle has worn off in context of contemporary spectacle. Do you have any particular takes on it?

@valgrind Mmmm, so it depends a lot on taste, probably. It's a work of art, I kind of fell in love with it for the exaggerated facial expressions, the expressive set design, the experimental use of film a s a medium.

There are very slow scenes with nothing happening, compared to modern standards. It's more like theatre to a degree. It's very artistic.

Again, I think a lot comes down to personal taste. The first time I watched it it impacted me quite heavily, I'd seen nothing of the sort previously. I still think it stands as a piece of film.

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