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I put my book in the public domain because I believe that it is more important for people to have access knowledge and the freedom to do what they want with it than anything that could possibly be gained by attempting to copyright it or otherwise control it.

Doing a hedge maze. From up here it makes me think of Ghormenghast.

And even better, it's a 25 minute bush walk into town (Margaret River) which takes a route past a distillery ☺

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#auspol #covid #wapol + 

Oops, forgot hashtags don't work in CWs ☺️

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#auspol #covid #wapol + 

Well, it looks like we'll get to have the second half of our holiday ☺

Best visit to the zoo ever. Limited people there due to covid restrictions. The tiger was awake and prowling along the glass when I was there. And Tricia the old elephant went on her walk straight past me ☺☺

*very silently slips a single noodle into the dog bowl*

*immediately comes gallopping down the stairs and skids into the kitchen*


And if anyone missed it, the whole discussion group last month (both of us) can strongly recommend our last album:

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Back to metal and back to Brazil for this months' Monthly Music Book Club album; "Perpetual Chaos" by Nervosa.

Bandcamp Friday is back this week, if you pick up then, Bandcamp give their share of the sale back to the artist. Also available on Spotify (and presumably other streaming services).

Let's have a listen and get together in the XMPP room ( the weekend of 27/28 February.


Can't talk to you because I'm busy talking to myself.

Does anybody know why, in US English, "therapy" (when said alone) refers to psychotherapy and nothing else. Not physical therapy, not chemotherapy, not beauty therapy?

This month's Monthly Music Book club album is "Androgynous Mary" by Girl Friday.

No Bandcamp Friday this month, so go get it straight away... It's also on Spotify (and presumably the other services) if that's your preference.

Let's have a listen and get together in the XMPP room ( the weekend of 30/31 January.


uspol, auspol, look at this arsehole 

This fucking guy. He has never seen an arsehole that didn’t want licking. The suckiest boot kisser in a world of servile empty suits. What a waste of human space.

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