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If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.

I refuse to use Uber etc. If I can't drive or use public transport I'll call a real taxi. But only right now did I hear a term that needed to be in my lexicon: scab cab.

Love it.

Happy New Year, fediverse. Here’s to brighter days ahead.


Fun NY celebration. Worked until 9 but now drinking cocktails, smoking ridiculous small cigars and I get to be first footer. Had no idea what that was, but the Yorkshirewoman whose house I'm at clearly thinks I'm tall and dark haired enough...

Been making an effort to use my phone as a daily driver. Not quite there yet for me. But... having it as a spare phone for a bit gave me the opportunity to mess with my galaxy s8 and successfully install /e/os. Worth it just for that :-)

This month's Monthly Music Book club album is "Androgynous Mary" by Girl Friday.

No Bandcamp Friday this month, so go get it straight away... It's also on Spotify (and presumably the other services) if that's your preference.

Let's have a listen and get together in the XMPP room ( the weekend of 30/31 January.


Will whine about whatever season's currently going on.

"He's had this toy open for only five minutes and I already hate everything about it."

So have sex workers adopted #Mastodon before the Left?

Useless left wing.



christmas carols (grinch/scrooge take) 

Why can't all Christmas albums be "Halford III: Winter Songs"?

Rob Halford > Mariah Carey any day of the week.

On the positive side, I just saw a 10 year old wearing a Thin Lizzy t-shirt. On theback: "tonight there's going to be a jailbreak" ☺

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Covid, mh- 

Feeling a little anxious. At a suburban carols event, supposedly covid-safe. But I reckon there's too many people, they haven't checked if we're registered for it, so you can be sure there are plenty of people who aren't.

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