@balrogboogie I know this is a shitpost, but I'd totally listen to that.

Done my civic duties for the day: donated blood and voted.

@mike I wouldn't say interesting, but I'd be willing to put up with the talk for a deluxe bbq lunch ☺

I put my book in the public domain because I believe that it is more important for people to have access knowledge and the freedom to do what they want with it than anything that could possibly be gained by attempting to copyright it or otherwise control it.

Doing a hedge maze. From up here it makes me think of Ghormenghast.

@cmdr_nova is this a shitpost or an update to the story we’ve been following for the last few months?

@mike Sorry. Maybe next time I should CW for folks on lockdown. If it makes you feel better, we lost the first week of our holiday because of what passed for a lockdown in Perth.

And even better, it's a 25 minute bush walk into town (Margaret River) which takes a route past a distillery ☺

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Linux rambling 

@greyor If you were wanting to avoid an ubuntu base, you could try Mint Debian edition.

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