Doing a hedge maze. From up here it makes me think of Ghormenghast.

Best visit to the zoo ever. Limited people there due to covid restrictions. The tiger was awake and prowling along the glass when I was there. And Tricia the old elephant went on her walk straight past me ☺☺

green owl etc 

My boss is Indian, and the practice next door is full of doctors of South Asian descent. So I thought it would be silly of me not to at least dabble in the Duo Hindi course.

Struggling through the Devanagari script, I thought "If I must force myself to learn a new writing system, why not one I've always wanted to learn?"

So, fortunately for me, Transparent Language has a Georgian course!

Not so fortunately for my sparen time: I'll probably end up doing both.

The sister pharmacy to the one I work in (which is much busier) has been sending their shredding over for us to do. Each bundle is rubber-banded, so to make things more interesting...

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Night on the town with martini

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