Is there any mood out there for a fedi meetup?

Tagging those who I happen to know (or at least think) live in or near Perth: @jon_dog @samwilson @Quokka @vidak @LiangSijie - boosts encouraged because I'm sure there are more of us out there...


@jon_dog @samwilson @Quokka @vidak @LiangSijie @j Here's a proposal. Don't hesitate to suggest alterations. Sunday 9th October, 3pm. Ezra Pound in Northbridge.

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@jon_dog @samwilson @Quokka @vidak @LiangSijie @j

Let's make this official. Perth Fedi Meetup. Sunday 9th October, 3pm. Ezra Pound in Northbridge.

@jon_dog @samwilson @Quokka @vidak @LiangSijie @j I've arrived a little early and found this... turns out their website is not completely up to date.

@jon_dog @samwilson @Quokka @vidak @LiangSijie @j I'm just going to sit on the hexagonal sculpture thing out the front until anyone else arrives then we can come up with plan b.

@uxintro @jon_dog @samwilson @vidak @LiangSijie @j

oh ffs. i'm in exmouth that week. I've not been before. A mate tells me I will be bored.
But don't stop on my account... and put my name down for next time.
I have not been to an Ezra Pound so expect reviews.

@Quokka We'll see what other feedback I get. I was busy the previous Sunday which is why I chose that one. But the following one, or later, could work too.

@uxintro Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to drink most Sundays

@Quokka @vidak @LiangSijie @samwilson @jon_dog @j We had good chats. The whole thing was confused thanks to the opening hours debacle, but we worked around it. Unanimous opinion that we do it again.

@uxintro @jon_dog @samwilson @Quokka @vidak @j Holy shit can't believe I missed out on this! I rarely check this instance these days! Shocked by all the notifications! 😮

@uxintro @SijieLiang

Yeah, I'm mainly on But I'll try to check this instance more often from now anyway.

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