Wanting to start a play-by-post (probably ) game.

Looking for:
- Interested players
- Any suggestions about what might work better as forum than Discord (I want to avoid it, but it looks so perfect 😭)

I should probably create an elevator pitch for it... Watch this space.

Part of my hesitation is I've never even played DnD so I don't even know where to start to make a character or anything. I don't even know if I posses enough imagination to do something like this.

That said I would really like to participate.

@Capheind @uxintro @paladin1 @bignose

@mgrondin I'm more than happy to hand-hold as much as necessary. The system I'm using (Risus) is really about describing things more that quantifying them which (I think) makes it a lot easier. Imagine a character (or a blend of characters) from a fantasy (or potentially SF) book or movie or TV show that you'd like to create and we can take it from there.

@uxintro Alright thanks for that. I'll look it up more and be in touch. Do you have a time frame? I would hate to hold things up... I may draw some inspiration from the world of KIN(The game) and Non-Player Character(the book) Since I'm reading the book...
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