Wanting to start a play-by-post (probably ) game.

Looking for:
- Interested players
- Any suggestions about what might work better as forum than Discord (I want to avoid it, but it looks so perfect 😭)

I should probably create an elevator pitch for it... Watch this space.

@uxintro I'm intrigued...but not sure i actually have time to dedicate to this.

@mgrondin That's my problem and why I think PBP is a potential solution. I'm thinking posts most days (ideally daily, but this is the real world) but no more than 5-10 minutes worth of work every day.

@uxintro Well that sounds reasonable. Keep me in the loop for sure. Discord would not be great...XMPP might limit player base too much? Or does it lack things you envision needing for this? Like bots of some sort...

@uxintro Im interested depending on the platform. Ive been trying to get a PBM or PBeM going for ages.

Also possibly interested, though I'm not on discord and don't care to be.

Would be happy to know what kind of setting you were thinking about.

@uxintro One good solution for group voice discussion, is Big Blue Button

Designed for school classes, so ideal for self-hosting. Easily applicable for a roleplaying game session.

@uxintro they're different web-based chat clients for XMPP services. You can log into pretty much any XMPP account with the Movim instance I think, I don't think it's locked down.

See also for what I think the future primary one looks like.

@mike Nice. I think with those choices of interface I can live without Discord.

@uxintro I'm down for helping with anything that prevents the use of Discord.

Part of my hesitation is I've never even played DnD so I don't even know where to start to make a character or anything. I don't even know if I posses enough imagination to do something like this.

That said I would really like to participate.

@Capheind @uxintro @paladin1 @bignose

@mgrondin I'm more than happy to hand-hold as much as necessary. The system I'm using (Risus) is really about describing things more that quantifying them which (I think) makes it a lot easier. Imagine a character (or a blend of characters) from a fantasy (or potentially SF) book or movie or TV show that you'd like to create and we can take it from there.

@uxintro Alright thanks for that. I'll look it up more and be in touch. Do you have a time frame? I would hate to hold things up... I may draw some inspiration from the world of KIN(The game) and Non-Player Character(the book) Since I'm reading the book...

@uxintro I'm in.

I just read over the Risus core rules, so I'm obviously new to this system. (Prior experience in 2nd ed. D&D and V:tM.) I may have questions about how you want to handle the rules system as we go along, just so I know what's possible/feasible.

Do you care about what settings/environments we draw from, or a particular place our characters should start at (other than "in the dungeon")?

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