Self hosted alternative to LastPass?

@uxintro I've used keepass (sharing the password file around with nextcloud) and really enjoyed it. The one thing keeping me on lastpass right now is being able to easily share credentials with my wife, but I suspect that's a use case bitwarden deals with pretty well.
@uxintro (also, highly suggest bitwarden_rs over the real bitwarden, it's much better for small sites)

@stibbons If I choose it, I'll just be using whatever yunohost installs

@stibbons @uxintro bitwarden_rs for sure. The regular one is way overkill.

As for that vs Keepass, depends on your usage. If you want something with good browser extensions and a phone app that links in to all the funky APIs and makes your life easier and autofills all your web site logins like a champ - Bitwarden every time.

If you want a good wallet for all your many kinds of secrets and don't mind copying and pasting and mobile isn't much to you, might as well Keepass it.

@mike @stibbons Sounds like Bitwarden is more of a straight substitute for Lastpass. And looks like Yunohost installs _rs, so that fits with the advice here.

@stibbons @uxintro Keepass and Nextcloud is how I do it as the official Bitwarden server was way to heavy for my needs. I've since discovered bitwarden_rs which is lighter but I haven't got around to firing it up for a look.

@matt @stibbons @uxintro if anyone does indeed, just want a look, there's a Chinwag Bitwarden instance and if you DM me an email address I'll invite you.

@matt @stibbons @uxintro no, bitwarden_rs. So it has all the funky stuff enabled and no links to anything external.

@uxintro I've been very happy that password-store works on just about every platform, and uses stable tools instead of locking me into a proprietary format. Those combined mean it has served me well for more than a decade.

@uxintro Hosting and synchronisation is done using whatever Git repository you like, and it's easy to switch.

@bignose I've been interested in pass since @klaatu mentioned it on his podcast. I like the concept but not sure that it will fit in with all my devices. Certainly on desktop it would be fine. Maybe I should just give it a spin with some new sites before I give up on LastPass...

@uxintro Not sure if I mentioned that there are browser plugins so your password store is mostly transparent.

Auto-adding a password isn't a thing as far as I know. If you create a new account, it won't pop up and ask whether you'd like to store it as Firefox does. But for the ability to own and sync my own password store, that's a feature I can live without.

As @bignose points out, there's an app for pass on Android. I don't know the one bignose links to, but I use

@uxintro I just use the password app in my nextcloud. Serves my needs on desktop and mobile.

Hosting nextcloud just for that tho is not worth it. Nextcloud as a whole is however.

@mgrondin I had a play with it a little while ago but it didn't really gel with me. I've got nextcloud so it's doable, but down the priority list a bit.

@uxintro What was it that you did not like? Did you install the FF extension for autofill? And the android app if you use android?

@mgrondin I'm not sure I can remember. I think I was having some trouble with the nextcloud apps in general. I know I did with the bookmarks app, but that was on my webhosting server. Maybe on my yunohost it might work better.

@VictorVenema Regardless of what I decide, that is an excellent resource. Thanks.


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