Have decided on an album for my (open to suggestions on hashtag improvement), thanks to Bancamp's current list on their front page.

We have "Sign of the Devil" (Mar 2020) by Dopelord, a Polish stoner-doom band. Appropriately priced at €6.66.

Thinking we get together weekend of 1-2 Aug to discuss.

/cc @rtn @officialcjunior @mike

Hope all you Bastards of Doom are enjoying our album of the month. I'm really looking forward to sharing opinions on it.

Have set up a XMPP room (sorry, @rtn) at . I thought that might work better seeing I think we are all on different time zones.

@mike: it's on your server, does it look like I've done it right?

Also, have named the room "Monthly Music Book Club" because I thought was a convenient little hastag.

/cc @officialcjunior

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@uxintro @officialcjunior @mike We can use our hackerspace channel if you like, unless you want a specific channel. #linkping on Freenode

@uxintro Just want to mention for Chinwag Social local users who don't have an IM app for this can easily join this room via - just log in as with your usual password.

It's not the best client in the world but it'll dump you into a default channel where you can hassle me for help easily. :awesome:

@uxintro Might be a little late for this one but i'll join the next for sure. Might pop in on the chat just to say hello. Will the next album be picked in said chat?

@rtn @officialcjunior @mike

@mgrondin That's what I was thinking, but feel free to post suggestions to

Only rules: needs to be relatively new (or not, if none of us have heard before) and should be easy to get hold of (bandcamp, spotify, band web page etc)

@uxintro Cool. I'll join the chat if only to see what's next.
@uxintro I tired to join the XMPP room using Conversation on Android but it tells me Remote server not found...

@mgrondin Seems to be still open. Just sent an invite (tried to, at least) to your XMPP listed on your profile. Did it work?

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