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Monthly Music Book Club is back!

This month we'll be listening to "Two Worlds Collide" by October Burns Black:

It's Friday this week, so pick it up there if you can: but it is also streaming on Spotify and presumably the other streaming services.

Have a listen and join us for discussion in the chatroom ( over the weekend of 1-2 October.


M'aiq is very practical. He has no need for mysticism.

There will be pictures, but she's been hiding in the corners of the bedroom since she got here ☺

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@jon_dog @samwilson @Quokka @vidak @LiangSijie @j Here's a proposal. Don't hesitate to suggest alterations. Sunday 9th October, 3pm. Ezra Pound in Northbridge.

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tips for "LB" "Last Boost" posts 

did you know that, at least on Mastodon, if you reply to the post you boosted, but manually remove the original poster's @-handle, then write your "LB: my commentary here" post, you won't be spamming the original poster's notifications and someone reading your post can simply click into it and go up in the thread to see exactly what "LB" refers to. this way they don't have to scroll back on their TL or go to your TL to know what you're referencing

@jon_dog @samwilson @Quokka @vidak @LiangSijie @j Here's a proposal. Don't hesitate to suggest alterations. Sunday 9th October, 3pm. Ezra Pound in Northbridge.

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I'm really enjoying She-Hulk. However, the CGI leaves me a bit cold. I'm pretty sure they just copied the model that was used to make Princess Fiona.

BBC commentary of Kim Jong Il's funeral procession laid over footage of Queen Elizabeth's. Fits like a glove 😱

You can like something and KNOW it's trash. Those two things are not exclusive.

+ Troma Movies
+ Karaoke
+ KFC Mac and Cheese.

Australia elected a Labor PM in 1972 and briefly became independent, abolishing royal patronage and expressing solidarity with non-aligned countries.

Then MI6, the CIA, Nixon and the queen used "coupmasters" who previously worked on the coup against Indonesia's anti-colonial president Sukarno AND Chile's socialist leader Salvador Allende to trigger a "constitutional crisis" in Australia and simply fired the PM using "reserve powers."

They're figureheads until they're not

good luck to all the childcare workers walking off the job today in my city, and across my continent!!

you deserve a massive pay rise for all the thankless work you do. i don’t envy the toxic way you are treated by your bosses, in what should be one of the most joyful and rewarding professions of all.

there is power in a union!!!!!


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