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Bandcamp Friday is coming up, so here's this month’s album…

"Clarity" by Hadi. Available at and streamable on Spotify and probably elsewhere too.

Have a listen and join us for discussion in the chatroom ( over the weekend of 30 April/1 May.


I love how most people provide alt text for their images. This is amazing and so helpful. Thank you everyone and keep using alt text!!!

Auspol, conflicted emotions 

My electorate is Moore. As of last election, safe (11.6% margin) liberal seat. As of now, there's less than 500 votes in it.

I would love to see the back of our current member, but Labor winning this seat might be the difference between minority and majority government. And I would rather see them have to govern with negotiation and consensus with a progressive crossbench.

So here I am, constantly refreshing the abc news app, not knowing what I want it to show.


New team: Congratulations. You are on notice. Don't. Fuck. Up.

Auspol, uap 

Do you think Clive Palmer is up for another complete waste of tens of millions of dollars in another three years?


Here's hoping Labor do even half of what Albo's telling us right now.


He’s spending his whole concession speech telling us how great he is by using all the examples that just lost him the election.

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#OtD 17 May 1935 the Nazis banned the teaching of Esperanto for "weakening… national character". Esperanto is a constructed international auxiliary language which was particularly popular at the time with workers' groups and revolutionaries.

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There you go. St Martin Shiraz. Everything about it screams cheap but it actually tastes pretty good.

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Just cracked open a bottle of shiraz that I bought out of a bargain bin at Dan Murphy's. And it is really nice! I'll share name and a photo later but I really needed to share ☺

A #linux admin walks into a pharmacy

I can’t give you that.
“sudo ephedrine.”
Here you go.


Today is the first day since I brought it home that I haven’t ridden my bike. I think I might be suffering from withdrawals. And I won’t have a chance to ride it tomorrow either :blobsad:

Auspol, satire 

The Shovel are focussing on my electorate today!

Featured electorate: MOORE (WA) | The Shovel

A very happy International Worker's Day to all those who celebrate, and a very unhappy International Worker's Day to all those who don't

On this day of all days, I'd like to remind you that a trade union represents your interest in the workplace, with respect to working conditions, safety, and pay. Join a union!

#feditips #fedifacts

Jonathan Mburugu is a school teacher in Kenya who posts regularly about Africa as a whole, including the environment, politics and wildlife. You can follow at:

➡️ @JonathanMBR

He also runs the SchoolForAfrica site at

#JonathanMburugu #Education #Africa #Politics #Wildlife #Activism

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