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Just in time for Bandcamp Friday, this month's Monthly Music Bookclub album is "HYPE NOSTALGIA" by Rituals of Mine.

Not sure what to expect, it was album of the day on Bandcamp earlier this week. In broad terms looks like either or both of R&B and Electronica.

Let's have a listen and get together in the XMPP room ( starting from the weekend of 31 October/1 November.

I'm not sure of any of the details of what ten minute pleroma is, but my gut instinct tells me its the fediverse equivalent of ripping a wet fart in an elevator then getting off at the next floor

OK, sorry (a little bit) about that. Just installed feed2toot so that I can send my new blog posts (once I write them) straight to masto. On first use it sends all of them.

Unskilled labor is a myth that employers use as an excuse to pay workers less.

Any labor takes some amount of skill to do. Just because quote-unquote "anyone can do it" doesn't make it unskilled. And what's more, many "unskilled jobs" are imperative to our society and its functioning. They are as important as, if not more than, the work of managers, executives, and "higher-ups."

Fuck anyone who puts you down by telling you that your work is unskilled or deserves to be exploited more. Your work is valuable. And so are you.

Support artists who release their work for free or use DRM-free platforms like Bandcamp.

Do not support artists who lock their work behind DRMed platforms.

Vote with your wallet. Don't give people money who don't deserve it. Foster a culture of support and owning what you pay for.

Think maybe using a (eg.) hashtag might work a bit better, in that it won't clash with other tags. Just takes up more characters...

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