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This month's Monthly Music Bookclub album is "Omega-4" by our every own Eyeshadow 2600 FM (@telecrush).

And don't forget, today is Bancamp Friday, so all of Bandcamp's share of sales goes to the artists.

Let's have a listen and get together in the XMPP room ( starting from the weekend of 26/27 September (which gives us time to choose next's months before the next Bandcamp Friday on 2 Oct)

Don't use Google or Google-owned web services

Ditto for Facebook/Instagram

Ditto for Twitter

Ditto for Microsoft

Ditto for... well, a lot. Be a smart consumer

Self hosted alternative to LastPass?

Finally cleared my podcast queue and back to listening to audiobooks of the Dresden Files 😀

Speaking of which, pinging myself on my funkwhale instance (currently empty) @sgp

Just an update...

Running on top of my server is going well. Enjoying playing around with all the easy-to-install services.

My biggest disappointment is the lack of synchronisation between system users and yunohost users. I'm sure that's by design, but I wish it wasn't.

Remember that ridiculous (but funny) song from the 90s "Don't call me dude"?

Can someone please make "don't call me love"?

Looking for some opinions on off-site (cloud) backups. Boosts encouraged.

I've been using CrashPlan, but can no longer run it headless. Literally encouraged (by them) to look elsewhere.

My requirements:
- linux client
- headless (can be configured either by CLI or a web GUI)
- Australian servers would be good (primarily for if I need to restore)
- Reasonable price (currently paying A$17/mo)

Current thought: BackBlaze B2 for storage with Duplicati software (will likely cost maybe 30% more).

@Shrigglepuss Thin Lizzy - Whiskey in the Jar, it used to be my grandad's favourite tune before he passed. Such a terrific tune.

About to listen to this month album. Come and joint us. Pick up the album on Bandcamp and join the XMPP room to chat at the end of the month.




If you need XMPP account let me know.

public transport should be free
fuck you if you disagree

@mike My settings for my plex server didn't survive the reinstall. So I've just shared the "new" libraries with you again.

Subway Tooter 4.2.3
- (Android 11)ToastCompatをソースツリーに取り込んでAndroid 11でも動作するよう変更。
- (Android 11)AndroidManifest.xmlにパッケージ可視性の指定を追加。
- プッシュ購読の更新時にokhttpのレスポンスを読まずにリークさせていた問題の修正。


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