What were some of your motivations for joining the you’re currently part of 🤔?

I’ve never at any stage of my life seen myself as someone who’s part of a particular but I considered that approach for a moment when trying to find instances. Because is a big part of my life I considered the instance, but I’ve honestly never seen such ridiculous rules...😨🤣

So I settled on just wanting a space to be myself. I. Just. Needed. Space. 🧘🏾‍♀️🌸

I originally started on
At first I was thrilled to see the discussions going on and news of movements happening around the world. Then I realised absolutely none of it was relevant to me because it was all geographically so far away.

So I basically looked for an Aussie instance, found chinwag, and never looked back.
It doesn't have the heavy political theme of, but it turns out that's not really what I needed anyway.

@rolaveric funny...I was kinda also looking for an Australian instance cuz I figured it may be the closest to a South African (where I'm from) instance which currently doesn't exist🤔 . Chinwag was the only Australian open-access instance available...the other one called "Melbourne" was by-invite only 😕 .

The admin of chinwag is my housemate and business partner.

So... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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