I’ve just arrived at London Blackfriars after a 1.5 hour journey in a “party taxi, with loud music and disco lights” 😂

Relieving a driver in 30 minutes from one of my two favourite stations on our network (the other one is London Bridge); the views from this station built over the River Thames are amazing, especially at sunrise.

Unfortunately, the photo is taken through a dirty glass partition but you get the gist.


Ok, I had a little bit of time so went for a walk to get some better photos.

These were taken from the and include and

I’ve berthed the train for the night and guess what? Yet another taxi journey back to the depot 😂

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In other, non taxi-related news this morning, new work boots have caused blisters on my feet.

To counter this, I switched to my spare pair of work shoes which have only made matters worse.

My heels hurt like utter bastards but worse than the pain is the knowledge that every time I take a step, a little piece of my weeping skin is being smooshed into my socks, which I will need to peel away from my feet when I get home at 6am.

Fucking awesome.

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The final taxi journey tonight brings me to Rochester Station for the last part of my job. Just got to prep a train before taking it out for the first service of the day...

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Just as a last bit of fun in the early hours of this morning, a train I was supposed to take empty to Gillingham was blocked by a berthed train which wasn’t due out until much later. As a result, I had to do a shunt in the other direction to get around the berthed unit.

It’s always good to perform a new move, but not when it makes you 15 minutes late and you’re due to finish 😮

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@stanhamil Cool photos! I really like that first one with the two bridge sides framing St. Paul!

@tsturm Thanks 👍🏻

It was eerily quiet along there...

@stanhamil I wear steel toed boots at work and often walk/stand all day. I have found only one pair of boots that work for me and don't torture my feet/toes. I've probably bought a pair of these a year when they wear out for 8 years now. I simply don't know what I would do if they were discontinued. I feel your pain!

@merisser My last couple of pairs have been Dr. Martens, but once they start to wear inside they become really uncomfortable (not like the “Airwair” ones they *used* to make years ago). I’ve just ordered a new pair through work, so fingers crossed 🤞🏻

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