An urban Tawny Frogmouth visit captured a couple of nights ago by a friend.


@bignose An absolute tragedy. We'll get em next year.

@spent Aren't these birds unique somehow? I remember a friend showing me an article about these birds earlier this year and being blown away by the way they look. His original question to me was "do you think this is a real bird?", and I was unfamiliar with the species.
Where do you live if you don't mind my asking?

@drown Melbourne, Australia. They're quite common down here but can be hard to spot because they're usually very camouflaged.

They definitely have a unique look and are unique in the sense they almost always get miscategorised as an Owl when in fact they are from the Nightjar family. They stay in one spot and snap up insects rather than hunt with talons.

They also mate for life, cuddle up together for sleep, and are terrible at making nests. BIRD FACTS.

More on-the-ground OC Tawny coverage:

@spent Yes, they are very Owl-like in their plumage and eyes.

Very cool, thank you for sharing.

And ah yes, Australia that makes sense. There are other variants in South America too right?

@drown Nightjars are quite common all over the world and very diverse species.

Frogmouth's though... I'm not exactly sure. I think you are right in that they are mostly in the southern hemisphere but I cannot find a decent distribution map!

Tawny's are so popular they've taken over search results for all other varieties haha

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