Looking to expand my infosec, osint and general hacker related content on Mastodon and after some recommendations pretty please :)

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Sun at the Sun. Yarraville feels more like Fremantle than Melbourne. I really dig it.

Taken a few days ago but Melbourne is looking very Melbourne. You love to see it.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday :)

Lake Surprise at Budj Bim. Taken during work trip doing some archeological survey work nearby. The whole area is recognised on the UNESCO World Heritage list due to its remarkable cultural heritage and its massive significance to the Gunditjmara people.

Some regional Victorian snaps taken this earlier week while on a work trip. Can't want to head out bush and camp again.


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some more experiments with #processing #p5 - here is a #generative modular synthesizer. work in progress. different on every refresh.

check it out live here: https://chrisbeckstrom.com/art/modular/
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Working cursor from the Inside Your Computer theme (Win95 Plus!)

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This is a great achievment for the fediverse: it is now used by malware (in this case, to find the C&C, or C2, the Command and Control center where the malware will take instructions).


Do note the stupid remark (a typical one from some security fans) saying that the fediverse is not censored enough.

(The account mentioned in the article is already suspended.)

An urban Tawny Frogmouth visit captured a couple of nights ago by a friend.


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I'm getting a bit suss on this whole working for a living caper. Too much work, not enough living. Not enough money, even with the work. Don't even need stuff. Still not enough money. Not enough freedom. Feel choked. Walls are too high. Not enough energy. Air is like syrup. No escape. I'm sure rich people have existential crises. Poor buggers.

Just made a long overdue update to my website.

I'm not sure I can keep up with a dedicated blog these days, so I've gone with a little howzitgoin' splash page with a bit more info about myself for those curious.


I used Pelican to generate it. Easiest static site generator I've used so far. Python bias probably.


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