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What's up guys.? I've came over from the 👍

:( Google Plus is officially dead. 😭

OMG I found my old YORX player in storage, I wounder if it still works :)

Got myself a new SSD for backup use :) hopefully it lasts longer then the last one

Since Google Plus is closing down in a couple more months I'm going to use this little bit more.

So I decided to order something for myself Wednesday and I'm quite glad it only cost me $15 for it. I now have a way to keep my head warm for working at night.

Caught my dog getting in the peanut butter I throughout in the trash

The tube TV for kangaroo game is dead and the Street Fighters TV is also dead...

Sorry if I'm not online. NFL has started up and I'm stuck doing a lot of security in the now named, State Farm Stadium. :( I don't understand why people have to destroying stuff or getting into fights because your team is losing or winning...

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