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The two top distillers of Makers Mark have left the company, apparently so to start a brand-new high-end bourbon company themselves.

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My spouse surprised me with a trip to the Birds of Vermont Museum and we had a great time. Bob Spears carved hundreds of bird likenesses in his 94 years on the planet and seeing his collection displayed was inspiring.

#birds #Vermont #HuntingtonVermont #WoodCarvings #Crafts
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A question for craft and DIY fedi: what adhesive / glue should I use to glue a piece of chrome plated metal to a tile? I have a shower hook which needs to have a small decorative tile reattached. I tried Krazy glue but it didn’t hold — and got all over my fingers.

Advice welcome.

webcam caught a hummingbird mid-flight on yesterday's timelapse on @view

@elizarde just learned that Anne and Marce are coming up to stay with us while attending VT Sheep & Wool.

Wish you could come and surprise them :)

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Sitting on the porch with a beer watching and listening to the rain and fighting the desire to fall asleep.

Thunderstorm should be here soon to chase me and the dog inside.

We want to ship some small items to the UK. Thank you gifts. The boxes are small. The weight is well below 1 pound (~.5kg) and yet the USPS wants nearly $40 to ship EACH parcel.

We aren’t near an DHL location. Are there better/cheaper options?

edited for typo

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Did you know that the green lawn that is so common today was originally a way for the landed gentry to show off their wealth? It was meant to imply the owner could afford to have all this land being non productive, setting them apart from those whose livelihood depended on what they could cultivate.
From the beginning, it was an ostentatious display of obscene wealth.

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Hello all!

If you are using or to host your instance are you happy with the service and the support?

If you use another host for PixelFed, what is their name and are you happy with them?

Boosts welcome. Thanks.

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Putting framed quotes meant for the kitchen in the bathroom.

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nothing will be paywalled, but patrons will receive the newsletter a bit earlier than everyone else. the first issue is already out at, if you want an idea of what it will be like.

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Felt like I was twiddling my thumbs whilst waiting for the first coat of paint to dry so I mowed the lawn and harvested some beans and the last of the peas.

Paint still likely needs and hour before next coat can be applied.

Take-away dinner and beer is going to be such a treat this evening.

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Sod it, at the risk of doxxing myself, do you do accessibility?
Do you want to work with me?

I'm recruiting for an "Accessibility Consultant"
Has to be in the UK (sadly)
Very varied stuff, almost all of it is good for the environment, and all of it helps people (in theory)
DM me if you want to know more.


Honestly just glad to learn we have ravens near by. I had thought they were crows.

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Great, the neighbors got a rooster. Interesting collaboration they are doing with the ravens.

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