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@pixelfed early release for us early adopters to help iron out the bugs. The less issues for the folk who aren’t as techie, and are waiting for the stable release, the better, it will increase the success of the app and platform.

And that is my plea.

I’d use pixelfed more too if there was an app.

Should filtered terms (hashtag specifically) be getting through when someone boosts something with that word in it?

Looking for web hosting suggestions. Not even sure what I need, but looking for a service that is friendly w/ not-too-techie users like myself. Ideally something that I can run both personal websites (WordPress mostly) & in the future install PixelFed.

I have been on Dreamhost for 22 years and mostly they have served my needs, but lately my lowest-tier VPS is maxing out RAM & not sure why & getting frustrated.

Not interested in self-hosting and managing. See above about not-too-techie. thx

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Is anyone here who has moved to the #UK with a "Skilled Worker visa" (previously known as "Tier 2 (General) work visa") and then settled in the UK permanently?

I'd love to have a chat with you!

Boosts are welcome. #immigration #visa

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Does anyone know the name of this song, and who made it? I found this 06:51 instrumental on an old MiniDisc, the track is named "?/?" because the owner probably didn’t know. Shazam returns no results, nor does an AcoustID check find it

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A neat CSS trick - make a ransom note font by loading just a few letters from several google fonts #WebDev #CSS

Between thunderstorms yesterday we were able to swim at a friend’s family camp in their pond. Leo enjoyed himself by hunting for salamanders, crayfish and frogs.

Question about mastodon polls: does the 265 seen in this screen shot mean that 265 individuals voted in the poll?

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When having tea in a bag and the tea is done steeping, do you…


Thinking of my late mother on what might have been her 91st birthday had she not succumbed to cancer at 42.

Still miss her.

When having tea in a bag and the tea is done steeping, do you…

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I wanna see how far this poll can go, vote and then boost please! 🌐

How long have you been in the fediverse?

Comment if timeframe is not listed!

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So @codeberg (think of it as the ethical GitHub) is a not-for-profit that depends on donations. You can also become a member of the org by supporting it.

Since I’m moving our projects there, I’ve signed up as an active member and Small Technology Foundation is now a supporting member with both me and the org making separate small annual contributions to the organisation.

If you’re using the service and can afford it, please help them maintain the commons.


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As of today the sheep are on a section of pasture that will bring them as close as they can get to the camera. So stay tuned to the livestream for a few weeks of sociable sheep!

Dog has been given a much-needed bath. He’s such a good boy.

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We are doing some much-needed maintenance on our driveway, which means there will be some activity on the camera for the next few weeks. Canonica Farm & Forest Services has started bringing his heavy equipment over today. You can follow along in real-time via the live stream — available on the homepage as well as the YouTube channel — or just watch the updates via the daily timelapses.

#daily-video #farmcam #video

In dog years my Leo is the same age as I. Nice to have peers.

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Between Minions movies and Disney prequels and reboots with villain-sympathetic POVs, I wonder sometimes if that's how the US entertainment industry helps Americans cope with being the baddies

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