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Alcohol - Beer 

I still think that if I had to choose a desert island beer it would be Lawson’s Finest’s “Sip of Sunshine”

CORRECTION: version 1.10!

Current version is 1.91


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Mastoot for iOS has announced that image description feature will be released with version 1.0. I am really enjoying this app and it being supported and developed. *claps*

I have been watching this cam in Washington, DC since the eggs hatched in March, and this morning I watched as baby eagle (DC9) flew for the first time. Here is a clip I took from the live feed:

Do I know anyone here who is a wizard with iOS Shortcuts?

Trying to see if I can manage my Apple Watch screen to set it to off when I go to bed.

Wearing Watch while I sleep to monitor heart rate. But the always on feature is distracting when I am trying to sleep.

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Who lives in Vermont and can tell me a good place to live? I’m a trans disabled author of m/m romance. He’s a queer director with S&P. We’re looking for a forever home with our 7 cats and husky. We’re Gen X progressives trying to escape Texas. I need gender affirming care and a good vet. Where would be a good place for us?


Alcohol - beer (photo with eye contact) 

Had a nice visit with our friend Jessamyn. She shared a can of “Sister Jessamyn” beer which was named in her honor by Laughing Monk Brewery in San Francisco. It was yummy.

Still breezy and a bit chilly in the shade. Hope we don’t lose power again. Leo has the right idea: Bask in the sun.

Uninvited visitor stopped by whilst we were having pancakes for breakfast.

Had a power outage for a few hours due to high winds. When it came back it took me a while to figure out why the web camera wasn't streaming despite YouTube Studio saying it was.... Oh, YouTube arbitrarily decided to set the stream to private despite my never having set it that way before.

Nana’s Favorite Shoe Store

My Italian grandmother was a real character. Everyone in my family has numerous Nana anecdotes, and whenever we get together the stories flow. She's been gone for over 35 years, but we share these stories over and over again, and we never tire of them.

I plan to tell a few of these stories here, but the first one I want to s

Watching the UK news about the possible rail strikes. We have tickets booked for Saturday and, while we support the unions, it will put a serious cramp in our travel plans. Hope it can be averted. 🤞🏼

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FediBlock needs help 

Hey everybody.
We @fediblock are currently too few and too busy people to keep the project going, so we need you to join us!

Happy 80th birthday to Sir Paul McCartney.

Thinking of my father on what would have been his 91st birthday.

This rising blister is right on the part of my thumb I use on track ball ... and it feels weird

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#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @warandpeas - Comic featuring surreal dark humour for grown-ups

🌟 @tefferbear - Sewing, embroidery, felting and costume making

🌟 @alsgeeklab - In-depth videos about retro computing and retro gaming

🌟 @headknits - Fabric and yarn-related crafts, knitting and sewing

🌟 @fedi & @laura & @aral - Promoting online services designed for humans insetad of corporations

🌟 @delta - Encrypted messenger app that works through email

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if I ever clicked on your ad please know that it was because the link I was trying to click on had been there a second before & then the page updated & put an ad there

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