@silverseams @GoatsLive I’m mowing my yard with my electric lawnmower. Didn’t even know I was celebrating.

Fast moving video - country roads 

Don’t try this at home. I decided to take a back way home and took this .


@thegibson doubt I will put the heat on until late to mid October at earliest. Or when my wife tells me to; whichever comes first.

Bummed to learn that friends who were scheduled to visit with us (first time meeting them) for the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival had their flight canceled due to the hurricane in Florida.

This is the second time in 3 months that canceled flights have kept us from meeting friends for the first time.

Stupid weather.

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Cannabis - TMI? 

It's that time of year when I spend much of my free time trimming flowers. More than I need and can't give it away because _everyone_ is growing their own. Will be interesting to see what happens after recreational retail is open for business on 1 October here in Vermont.

@autumn Checked my Tumblr today for the first time in years and there wasn't a single new post on my feed since 2018. Yeah, I only have an account to read a few friends and apparently they all abandoned it sometime. I assume I know why.

@deneb my MiL is reading it now too and says she likes it. We all loved Night Circus, so I will likely borrow it from MiL whence is done. I read so much more in the autumn/winter :)

@ianbetteridge I recall reading they were making it open source because they plan to maintain it. Then suddenly dropped an update in May. That's the last update IIRC. I switched to Mastoot full time in June or so. Maybe I am wrong? I still keep in on my iPhone for the rare occasions I want to post to PixelFed from it -- something that Mascot does *not* do (yet).

@ravi Mastoot. Actually being developed and maintained unlike MetaText.

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Did you know there will be a LIVE STREAM from the DRACO camera onboard DART as it comes in to impact the binary asteroid Dimorphos??

Get the links at dart.jhuapl.edu and follow along as humanity tests our ability to redirect asteroids🚀

#DARTMission #PlanetaryDefense #NASA

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The launch of the Space X Falcon was caught on the camera last night just after sunset. At first we thought it was a comet, but it was moving too fast.

Space X Falcon launch caught on webcam.


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