Fast moving video - country roads 

Don’t try this at home. I decided to take a back way home and took this .


webcam caught a hummingbird mid-flight on yesterday's timelapse on @view

Taken me a week to get this far but the first 2 days were prep work and primer. The 3rd day was mostly electrical — adding GFCI and replacing old outlets and light switches. This is the (wet) first coat of paint. Still a few days to go assuming the specialty paint I had to order for the baseboard radiator arrives late Monday.

I am enjoying how this outdoor space is coming along.

Monarch Caterpillar poop 

I didn’t set out to take this video but I ended up with a caterpillar pooping. Never seen that before. And now you can too if you are moved to do so.

First caterpillar of the year. We had so many last year but haven’t seen as many this year (yet). We leave all of the milkweed we can — minus inside the fenced pasture — for them. Come on little one!

Between thunderstorms yesterday we were able to swim at a friend’s family camp in their pond. Leo enjoyed himself by hunting for salamanders, crayfish and frogs.

Question about mastodon polls: does the 265 seen in this screen shot mean that 265 individuals voted in the poll?

Arrived in safely after a smooth flight from . Now a short wait for the bus home.

Took a walk on our last evening in . Tomorrow we make our way to .


Lunch of salad from garden, local cheeses, homemade cheese, local pastries, and a lovely sparkling wine. Heaven.

Had a lovely day wandering around Hay-on-Wye yesterday. So many used bookstores.

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