We have been waiting for IKEA to have a certain sofa in stock for coming up on a year. We have been signed up to their in-stock alert system. This morning at 5:24am we received the email, and eventually (long story) were able to buy the item online. IKEA will only hold the item for 48 hours before canceling the order. So now I get to drop everything and spend Friday driving to our closest IKEA ... 3 hours away .... and another 3 back.

I just loaded up my phone with lots of podcasts.

I always forget how stressful it can be to drive in city traffic. I lived in LA and DC for years, but now it is a rarity for me to have to deal with it. And Boston is a challenge. Thankfully the weather cooperated and my overdone job tying the boxes down held for the trip. Now to relax. *exhales*

@scully Boston sucks under the best circumstances. Worst laid out roads of any city in the country I think.

@scully oh for sure. I can't believe I lived in cities for so many years. Every time I go back my stress levels go through the roof. Also how does everyone on those roads not crash into each other all of the time? Like you can't even leave a safe gap because someone immediately squeezes into it without indicating

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