Hello all!

If you are using or to host your instance are you happy with the service and the support?

If you use another host for PixelFed, what is their name and are you happy with them?

Boosts welcome. Thanks.

@scully used in the past. Was totally fine for my needs.

@barefootstache That appears to be correct? I find their website confusing. Is it an instance or a hosting service?

@milan @barefootstache hi. When I click on the link for pixelfed I see a login screen for the instance and not information on hosting like I do on spacebear. The other link just goes to I was expecting to see prices, data limits, etc.

Am I missing something?

@scully tchncs instances are usually open for public and no commercial service. users can and do donate for their funding. when you've clicked on that link, it took you to the pixelfed instance of will think about if/how to make this more clear.

i however also host for clients, but not under the tchncs domain. but (currently german only)

@barefootstache ahhh. It was suggested to me as a host. Thanks for clearing that up.

I have used space bear and loved the experience. Would highly recommended.

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