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I live in Vermont (US) with my spouse (20yrs), our rescue dog (Leo) & 7 sheep (Navajo-Churro, Shetland, Finn, FinnXShetland).

I am currently semi-retired, but spent most of my professional career filled with imposter syndrome building and managing websites. Jack of all trades, master of none.

My hobbies include , , making & live-streaming the view of our farm*; & .


Fast moving video - country roads 

Don’t try this at home. I decided to take a back way home and took this .


Bummed to learn that friends who were scheduled to visit with us (first time meeting them) for the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival had their flight canceled due to the hurricane in Florida.

This is the second time in 3 months that canceled flights have kept us from meeting friends for the first time.

Stupid weather.

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Cannabis - TMI? 

It's that time of year when I spend much of my free time trimming flowers. More than I need and can't give it away because _everyone_ is growing their own. Will be interesting to see what happens after recreational retail is open for business on 1 October here in Vermont.

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Did you know there will be a LIVE STREAM from the DRACO camera onboard DART as it comes in to impact the binary asteroid Dimorphos??

Get the links at and follow along as humanity tests our ability to redirect asteroids🚀

#DARTMission #PlanetaryDefense #NASA

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The launch of the Space X Falcon was caught on the camera last night just after sunset. At first we thought it was a comet, but it was moving too fast.

Space X Falcon launch caught on webcam.

I always forget how stressful it can be to drive in city traffic. I lived in LA and DC for years, but now it is a rarity for me to have to deal with it. And Boston is a challenge. Thankfully the weather cooperated and my overdone job tying the boxes down held for the trip. Now to relax. *exhales*

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We have been waiting for IKEA to have a certain sofa in stock for coming up on a year. We have been signed up to their in-stock alert system. This morning at 5:24am we received the email, and eventually (long story) were able to buy the item online. IKEA will only hold the item for 48 hours before canceling the order. So now I get to drop everything and spend Friday driving to our closest IKEA ... 3 hours away .... and another 3 back.

I just loaded up my phone with lots of podcasts.

Had a reason to look at Bird Site and saw "End of the world" trending and admit my first thought was "please!"

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The first photo is from our first visit to our adopted town's annual agricultural fair, The Tunbridge World's Fair. We had been married for 4 years, and had just dropped everything we had in DC and moved to Vermont. The second photo is from today when we returned to the Fair after our 2-year hiatus. Sunday has always been our date day at the Fair. For 10 years, Sarah was the superintendent of sheep & goats at the Tunbridge World's Fair, and she always took a break on Sundays for the two of us to wander the Fair together. Seeing friends working in Antique Hill or in the various barns, etc. It's our tradition.

We took a photo of ourselves every year we attended the Fair, but I am having a hard time locating many of them. I'll work on that.
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If there is one thing thing that is blatantly apparent on the Internet in 2022 it is that few people understand the difference between privacy and security.

Noticed that in when one deletes a message without opening it first one is prompted to mark the message as junk or not. Nice.

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Hope Brian May doesn't die this week, things would get really confusing

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I'm annoyed by #Signal (and now that I think of it, most communication apps on iOS/macOS), but I just tossed them $5. I'll do so annually moving forward, and I encourage you to do the same if you believe in what they do.

I don't use them anymore, except maybe some sensitive conversations. So... quite rarely. But now that I think about it, I do want to support them in a meaningful way, and I do want them to keep existing.

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Does the Mastodon iOS app support more than one account? I’m not sure I’ve seen any additional preferences or setup screens …

Idea: parody song about King Charles to the tune of King Tut. “King Chuck”

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