"The cost of the new electrolytic Zn–Mn battery is estimated at about US$10 per kWh – much less than for lithium-ion batteries of US$300 per kWh"


That... is a bold but exciting claim.
I would love to have a battery that can hold a day's worth of excess solar power from my rooftop panels for < $300

@rolaveric Fuck yeah Adelaide... but revolutionary battery tech is a bit of a running gag at this point right?

@shlee Yeah, the proof is in the pudding.
Lots of new tech and chemistries out there. But it needs to be: cheap, quick to produce, safe, reliable, durable, and energy dense.

If they can hit all those marks for $10/kwh, that's a big deal.


I'd argue that energy density isnt so important for stationary applications- but I worry that the realities of adoption may trash my argument.

Be nice if safety included full resource chain and production workers safety along with environmental safety, but fear that these are likely to be minor considerations/ignored

@rolaveric @mike I’ll get excited when they can demonstrate mass-producibility. Interesting for sure πŸ‘πŸ»
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