555 Books sold since the release a week ago! Thank you 🎉 My 'Special Launch Offer' sale ends in ten days. Will it reach 1000? That would be amazing. Get them while they're cheap 🙂 davidrevoy.com/shop

We’re hiring an IT Support Specialist in Brisbane for a flexible start in December: notion.so/We-re-hiring-an-IT-S

We’re screening blindly so your name will be anonymised and any mentions of gender, nationality, languages, and places will be redacted.

Happy to take any questions.

I finally finished writing up the build of my new and improved wicking bed setup for my veggie gardening.

You can just read it here with no ads or other bullshit: bremensaki.com/2020/10/14/buil

If you know people who tend to read stuff on Medium, you can throw them this link:

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I didn’t play Pokémon until my teens and PC emulators existed

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It is important to acknowledge classism in video gaming. This is why I'm just now playing any Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda games. We don't talk about this in the gaming community. Not that I've witnessed. So I do. I talk about it.

And please don't kid yourself that you're doing antiracist work by not saying slurs (want a medal for that?) and by saying Black lives matter. If you insist in the face of mountains of evidence that race doesn't exist as an axis of oppression apart from class, you think and act no differently than the "race doesn't matter" right-wingers. If you bristle at any suggestion that you or your friends are racist and lash out with harassment and whisper campaigns that drive BIPOC from your spaces, you are straight up being racist. If you do not look into yourself and question yourself, your friends, and how you conduct yourselves, you are not doing the work.

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Anarchism/socialism and fascism are all critical responses to the destructiveness of liberal capitalism. The fundamental difference is that leftist movements punch up at the brutal systems of inequality, while fascism punches down at marginalized groups to keep the same hierarchy with themselves at the (generally imaginary) top. Once leftists start punching down instead of up on racial and ethnic lines they become the ideological siblings of fascists, except they are friendly to, and are themselves, white or white-adjacent women and queers.

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Leftism without the work of antiracism slides quickly into fascism.

Australian budget journalism defined in one push notification

there is nothing quite like the thrill of telling a native english speaker upset about pronouns that shakespeare used singular they

Work, industrial relations 

Poor downtrodden Patricks are getting push back from the wharfies for trying to remove conditions from their EA. Now the Prime Minister is claiming they're holding the country to ransom when Patricks management are purposely escalating the situation to help with the political pile on. This is what we're expecting from our employer when we don't accept their ridiculous EA offer.

MUA Press Release: mua.org.au/news/patrick-using-

Government spin: thenewdaily.com.au/news/nation

Hey, recommend me more good Australian tooters to follow please!

Dear tech fediverse,

I have been tasked with finding a videoconferencing system that can connect up to four sites across eastern .au. We are primarily on-premises, mixed-operating system infrastructure. Slowest site is 50/20 NBN.

Suggestions (+ or −) welcomed.

I've been working really hard the past couple of weeks building a new stats system for my web game Improbable Island.

It's a text adventure at improbableisland.com, there's a lively roleplaying community, player-owned places (with a programming engine!), hundreds of pages of story and no ads/tracking/nastystuff. We've had problems getting new players 'cause the places we used to advertise are all going offline, so if y'all could help me out with a boost that'd be much appreciated

"I’m hearing too much “recycle, compost, go vegan!” and not enough “100 corporations cause 71% of emissions”"

capitalists are all "if we didn't kill people who don't work, nobody would work!"

and meanwhile everyone who's financially stable but can't work due to covid is literally Fucking Losing It and forgetting what day it is or what the sun looks like, because it turns out the human brain kinda Needs the stimulation of completing meaningful tasks and will always rather do them than not in the long term

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