It's that glorious time of year when it never quite gets hot enough for the AC, not cold enough for heaters, but sunny enough to make more power from solar then we use.

Plus it's pleasant to get outside and do stuff 😄

did you know that the reason that Cloud is voiced exclusively in Japanese in Smash Ultimate is because Cloud's English voice actor belongs to a union, and Nintendo categorically refuses to work with unions?

I rarely remember my dreams... And good thing too, cause last night was a doozy.

Dream: Here's some whimsical hijinxs for you.
Dream me: Cool, cool
Observer me: oh.. ok, cool.

Dream: Now here's some traumatic event you clearly haven't processed enough.
Dream me: Cool, cool.
Observer me: *actual screaming*

It's Sunday night, and that makes me sad cause soon the weekend will be over :(

Borrowed on Twitter

Boys love flowers too! What are your favorite flowers?

Going Postal: capitalism is the root of our destruction and only by actively supporting public good institutions can we start to undercut some of capitalism's roots
Monstrous Regiment: war isn't just hell, it's a hell of our own creation
Reaper Man: man wouldn't it be fucked up if a shopping mall was alive

the problem with the internet is, you want to find a video of a game you remember, but ALL the videos have someone talking over the top, slurping out of a plastic bottle, shouting "whats up fellow gamers" in a voice that indicates that theyre currently taking a shit


See you then! The Dragon Prince Season 3 arrives November 22, 2019. #TheDragonPrince


adults: "don't believe everything you read on the internet"
us: "ok"
*one childhood later*
now older adults: "can you believe this (incredibly fake) shit i read on the internet???"
us: *sigh*

Open office environments were created to look good in press photos of workers working and that is it. they are absolute shit eating garbage for literally everything else. productivity takes a nose dive off a cliff, sick day usage increases because germs spread easier, anxiety increases because of all the fucking noise you can longer even remotely hope to filter out with fabric walls of cubicles.

they're total shit and fuck every office that uses them.

The goose is nature's punishment for the sin of enclosing the commons

Just discovered this lovely wee tool while browsing the SBC wiki, it's a crowd-sourced map of fruit trees and supermarket dumpsters in urban centers :ecoanarchism_heart:

I used to love computers and automation but now they make me want to retire to a small island nation where there's nothing to do but fish all day.


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