I just did a hammerbarn run and managed to get everything I needed, and EXACTLY what I needed (i.e. no extra impulse buys)

I don't think I've ever managed a perfect score on the Hammerbarn/IKEA game 🏆
I guess that's it - I can never go back again now.

Yesterday I discovered a new way to end scam calls quickly and feel like a badass at the same time.

Them: I'm calling from your bank's fraud department, did you authorise a charge ...

Me: Say my name.

Them: *click*

Q: Why do communists drink fruit tea? A: Because proper tea is theft.

Parenting, you too 

My eldest just did her first awkward "You too!" - I'm so proud 😁

Crossing guard: Congratulations on 100 days of school!

Kiddo: ... You too!

child, wondering where trash goes: well someone must have thought of a good solution for all this

adults: we put it into very large holes and then put dirt on top

child: even the plastic?

adults: especially the plastic

child: oh my god

I sat on the window sill outside my bedroom and the bricks came loose.
So now I'm paranoid that my whole house is going to fall down 😱

Truth is the rest of the house is fine, that window was redone by a previous owner that notoriously did bad work...


Nah it's fine, I'm fine, just gotta find a brickie, it'll be fine...

When we're constantly losing pieces of our culture to DRM and proprietary services having their plugs pulled, it's nice to see something like this happening, even once.


House thermal retrofit, ventilation 

I think I found the product range I want though:
Killer feature is the optional F8 filters, which can block bushfire smoke.
Get 1 per unit, store them away, then plug them in the next time the country's on fire.

There's also published doco for doing your own network integrations, so don't need to use their app to contact a cloud service to control something 5 feet away.

Now if they would just answer their email...

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House thermal retrofit, ventilation 

Eventually I need to install some mechanical ventilation cause we don't open our windows enough, especially in winter (No such thing as a "warm northerly breeze"...), so I've been researching decentralised MVHR units.

You install them through an external wall and they push and pull air around a ceramic block, swapping every 70s or so. Swaps most of the heat from the air as it goes in and out.
Neat, but awkward to get here in Aus 😕

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House thermal retrofit 

I've been on a bit of a mission to retrofit my house (brick veneer, circa 1980) for thermal efficiency.
So far I've done
- Exhaust fan draft stoppers
- Underfloor sprayfoam
- Door frame gap fillers
- Caulk/foam filled gaps

On the to-do list:
- more gap hunting
- blow-in wall insulation
- top up ceiling insulation
- MVHR wall units
- blower door + thermal camera testing
- Replace or retrofit doors & windows

It's working but there's LOTS to do still.

Someday I too would like to shred an acoustic guitar solo at a Melbourne Symphony Orchestra concert while wearing a Megadeath tshirt. #LifeGoals


Victoria needs real investment in public housing, and it needs it now.

For the homeless, for the vulnerable, for the poor, for all of those who no fault of their own can’t get one of the most fundamental human needs met under capitalism.

If you’re free, these amazing people meet on the steps of parliament every Thursday from 12pm-1pm, they are warm, welcoming, and need more people to stand with them. I’ll try to keep going every week, please join if you can!

House maintenance 

Looking at DIYing subfloor insulation, reading installation instructions the first thing is "Turn off the mains power"
Oh come on, I'm not gonna have to even touch any wires, it'll be fine!

*Looks around subfloor with a torch*

... 😬

Ok, right you are. Mains off.
Now I just gotta find a time when I'm not working and nobody else in the house wants power in the middle of winter to do this 😐

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House maintenance 

Nothing like getting into your roof space or subfloor to let you know:
a) The quality of the tradies you hire (they've been good and will continue to get my business forever)
b) The batshit decisions made by previous owners and/or their tradies - some of which clearly never fully grasped such simple concepts like "gravity" 😬

When I removed the old rangehood I found it was ducted *into the brick*.
I don't mean the external wall cavity, I mean sealed onto the brick!

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