Here's some #writingadvice: Include the five senses in your fiction or dramatizations of history. #PoulAnderson , an #SF legend, gave this advice at a convention I attended, saying to add at least one sense per paragraph. Every paragraph might be overkill, but why not try? When I revise a draft, I always look at each paragraph for opportunities.

This wonderful #writingprompt post ( asked us to "Describe the sound of rain," presumably without the word rain. So... I did so!

I realized swiftly that the experience of rain encompasses more than just sound. There's the very special smell you notice, with the non-literary name of #petrichor. There's electricity, which you smell as ozone, maybe feel as the tiny hairs on your skin raise, or see as a flash of lightning. The drops spatter on the pavement and darken it in spots. You feel them blow into your eyes—or may drip down your cheeks and neck like the tears of dozens of sad ghosts.

Do you get the idea? I #challenge you to write something using the concept. Use the hashtag #fivesenses and reply to this post. Boost if you like this type of post.

Thank you, @oneoveralpha

I joined a year ago today, although I didn't do much here the first ... ten months or so. We'll have to see how the next year goes.

One hideous alien in the back raises his hand timidly
"If we get you some bubble gum, do you promise not to shoot us?"

An author is like an incompetent bricklayer – doesn’t use mortar and keeps rearranging the bricks until someone tells him to stop.
Chris Everheart

We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.
Bill Watterson

What's the worst #writing advice you've ever gotten?

In university I once went home in tears because a prof I had, who was a published author, told us that "real" writers have just an insatiable need to write all the time, and if you didn't feel a deep, constant need to write maybe you just weren't a "real" writer.

Now that I'm an adult and I talk to other writers, every "real" writer I know is a procrastinating train wreck that prays for the sweet release of death like 90% of the time they spend writing.

So like... idk about that one, prof.

#writers #fiction #authors #fiction

"A Dragon Named Bob"

There once was a dragon named Bob. Whenever he introduced himself to humans, they laughed. They didn’t know that in dragonese Bob meant “Death.” They never got a chance to laugh at him a second time.

"Is this your hoard?" the princess said.
"Isn't it great?" said the dragon.
"Library cards?"
"Yes! Every library in the kingdom, and many others too."
"But... Why not just hoard books?"
"I am. But this way, my hoard is much larger than what I could fit in my lair."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

The world is surprisingly hard to destroy, whereas saving it can be done a bit at a time.
Rachel Hartman

Would you chip in $8 to send Elon Musk on a one-way trip to Mars?

why call it bird site when ‘the fowl place’ is right there and a much better pun

So it’s the beginning of December. Raise your hand if you’re already sick of Christmas music.

If money wasn’t an issue, would you take a trip to the moon?

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