@mike do you have any more pics (or videos!) of the Guitar of Theseus? I'd love to hear it!

WEALTH FROM THE SUN. Can't express how excited I was when I first saw this in our mailbox. I had the beginnings of a song all worked out. Sadly when I flipped it over it wasn't what I was hoping it was.

Ernie's hands were gloves and Bert's hands were controlled by rods and I'm shocked to the core that this fact has been on wikipedia this whole time and I only just noticed it

@mike @Nikolai_Kingsley One of my all time faves The Dead Milkmen have a youtube channel and they've been making songs by reading manuals and I think we were ahead of our time with cigarette warnings youtu.be/QtI4QMc8L4s

now certain that its chance had come and gone, fell to its metal knees and wept aloud

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My kindle battery used to last three months, but now I’m lucky if it lasts a week

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Although the smell of pine cones filled her nose, she clenched her teeth and swung the club again

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The lights were dimmed, the curtain was drawn back, when Neil remembered 3-D made him sick.

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Vanilla Ice had found the perfect riff. His thoughts now turned to what to name his song.

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I found an exercise from when I tried to write iambic lines that didn’t rhyme, encouraged by a book by Stephen Fry that sits collecting dust somewhere, I think. I’ll post a couple here because I’m bored, and poetry seems like it’s in this week. Back in my younger days I’d have a go at turning one or two into a song, but I’m not sure that would have really worked because the R-8 struggled with 5/4 (but then again who needs a drum machine when you can bang a mallet on a VAX.) THE END

Every time I poke my head into mastodon it’s such a nice place, I wonder why I don’t just move in

not a conspiracy theory 

@mike @Nikolai_Kingsley I’m not one for conspiracy theories but that video of the band in Perth performing Nick Cave’s Smokes has been removed from youtube.

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