I am done with people who think universities are extensions of school where students should rarely peep out of their books!

"It does seem like as if the Governor does not know the Constitutional provisions." Soli Sorabjee

Maharashtra Governor acted hastily, unethically: Constitutional experts


Modi Government cheats states of their due - my article here!

Even as the Union Government is plotting to deny states their legitimate share of tax revenue, available figures suggest the heist has been carried out without a squeak from the states


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You’re calling this mockery of the constitution political deception a masterstroke and calling JNU students protesting for education anti-democratic.

Please seriously ask your self if your head’s in the right place!

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So, after being courted on Twitter to offer up a controversial food opinion, a guy decides to do just that and say he doesn't like Indian food. People react with shock and horror because if white people don't approve of us we're just going to vanish off the face of the earth

My father, a staunch BJP supporter, was glued to the tv as talking heads analyzed the situation in #maharashtra . The developments in the evening however left him cold and he just switched off the tv.

#MaharashtraPolitics may well write how #ChanakyaNiti was used to allow over-ambitious youngsters to make fatal miscalculations.

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Stop calling horse trading as Masterstroke.

Stop calling a broker as Chanakya.

Stop calling murder of democracy as a coup.

Stop glorifying the unconstitutional means to grab power.

#MaharashtraGovtFormation #MaharashtraPolitics

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Govt: Complete secrecy of donor is the aim
Also, govt: Details will be in the banking system and will be accessible to enforcement agencies

Basically, no one shall have details -- its beyond #RTI -- but the government of the day, #PaisaPolitics investigations finds.

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The then MoS finance misinformed parliament that ECI didn't have issue w/ #ElectoralBonds. When caught, FinMin doubled down. Then, parties were asked of their views but weren't considered.

RBI, EC, and parties -- all were bypassed, @nit_set@twitter.com's Pt 2 finds:huffingtonpost.in/entry/electo

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@nit_set@twitter.com Rules only allowed for four 10-day windows a year for sale of #ElectoralBonds.

On #PMO's instructions, FinMin allowed "special" -- and illegal -- windows through the year in light of state polls.

@nit_set@twitter.com's #PaisaPolitics investigation's Pt 3 finds: huffingtonpost.in/entry/electo

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[Tamil] #ElectoralBonds Investigations Part 4: Only the govt can find out who donates to which political party. Through a secret number. Govt lied about this to public savukkuonline.com/17927/

In the same breath BJP will teach ethics, morality, etc etc.

Find out how many family members of Suzlon's promotors are in India and how many are already out.

Find out what are their other businesses in USA.

You will get the answers to a question, why Suzlon is where, it is today.

#Indian democracy eroded to a point where it has become a kingdom with courtiers, courtesans and mercenaries. #MaharashtraPolitics #Nithyanand

I fully intend to apply for this position.

Swedish art project Eternal Employment will pay someone to do nothing for life - The Washington Post

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in Part VI of the Electoral Bonds Scam @nit_set@twitter.com exposes the Jait-Lie - about how
FinMIn Jaitley lied in 2017 that opacity was built-in on donors' demand. Later, he admitted there never was such a demand! huffingtonpost.in/entry/electo

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