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Tired of looking at BAD SCREEN
Can't wait to get home and look at GOOD SCREEN

Just FYI, "The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld" is one of the best albums ever made. If you disagree you are dead inside. Thank you for your time.

Dammit, Jim! I'm a doctor, not a bookcase!

One side effect of the Google+ shutdown I just noticed is that I no longer have birthdays in my calendar for contacts I had there. It'd be cool if we had the option to add birthdays or significant dates to Mastodon profiles, with the ability to share that info. Is this the point where someone tells me this is a terrible idea, even on an opt-in basis, for some awful reason I haven't considered?

My memory for dates is bad and I'd like to see this info again.

Once, a war was fought between people who called them "retoots" and people who called them "boosts"

New toy day! Totally going to write the shit out of some 8k ROMs now! My own DIY cartridges are not far off.

Ended up bailing on work early due to a massive (and undeserved) headache that just grew all day. Explains the grumpy start maybe. I'm glad to be out the door though.

@lilithsaintcrow @thegibson

Hacking, like power, is never given. It is only taken.

Seize your sharp implements and start hacking!


I don't talk about this enough.

I have all the equipment needed to print and bind books in my apartment.

It's really easy.

1) Laser Printer with toner refills
2) Heavy Duty Paper Trimmer
3) Glue Binder

Non-essentials but nice to have:
1) Dremel/Rotary Tool
2) Clamps
3) white glue
4) Inkjet printer
5) some kind of spray sealer

That's it. With the top three items, you can make objects that are reasonably durable and instantly recognizable as books.

I have a group show (my first!) coming up shortly. If you’re around Melbourne, AU between August 19 and September 6, please check out Walk in the Park at the Manningham Gallery. Here’s a sneak peek of my entry “Diaphanous”, oil on 60cm x 60cm canvas.

#nature #art #mastoart #wings #bee #traditionalart #oil #oilpainting

Spotify have just up and decided to remove the widget from their app and I'm more annoyed about that than I probably should be. I think I'm going to have a really grumpy day.

Does anyone remember a kids show on abc that is post apocalyptic and they stick nails into their palms as some sort of telepathic activity. I swear i didn't make this up but haven't been able to find it, i probably look it up once or twice a year every year

Cleanup crew, please report to aisle M. Cleanup crew to aisle M. :awesome:

Bought an old camera a few months back, discovered the previous owner had forgotten a roll of film in there. Got it developed and scanned, and it looks like these pics were taken in the 70s, then forgotten in the desert heat and super degraded. They're vaporwave as fuck.

How did I reach this low point of spending my day setting up Active Directory OU structures and deploying Group Policy settings to Windows desktops? Where did it all go wrong?

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