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If you burn the candle at both ends, stop! That is wrong. You are bad at candles

Yeah I've blocked The admin responded to my concern with "well, people being upset or angry is a feeling and I can't help that."

Yeah dude upset, anger and fear are human feelings conditioned as responses to danger stimuli. Saying "welp, I can act like an utter shitlord and that might trigger fight/flight in people but I can't control their neurons!" says a heap more about your behaviour than it does people's emotional states, and when your users run stumbling to your defence with "Well, if you don't like it you can create your own instance and defederate it. (I've been here since October 30th)", I don't need that.

i talked to mastodon, and mastodon says YOU'RE crumbling.

Any suggestions for #Mastodon accounts of weird museums, old photo archives, strange history, medical anomaly, dark travel, bizarre news etc?

Six ideas from my WIP:

1. There are starships and an interstellar war but it's space opera like a cow is a burger

2. Starships are psychopomps

3. Our species is extinct: we were the last common ancestor species

4. It's about a Sad Boner Professor love triangle, but HE'S the one who ends up pregnant in the kitchen

5. Everyone believes they're going to live forever in the AI afterlife: shame it doesn't work ...

6. Ninja space monks with Cotard's delusion are terrified of Basilisks

The submit button has been pressed!

Damo and Mick's Backyard Quiz is returning for the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival!

See you there! :awesome:

dance classes at The Salsa Foundation in the CBD are short a few women/followers on the Monday and Tuesday night classes so they are offering two for one for those who want to attend both nights.

Reach out to

PS. I'm a student at the studio but otherwise no other affiliation with the business.

I think the amount of people boosting this goes to show I probably wasn't the only one out of the loop on this! 😁

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Telcomms Sutff 

Is there a better way to find where the strongest mobile phone signal is on my roof than walking around with my phone? I need to permanently affix my repeater antenna up there somewhere.

@jerrykan @mike So I went down about 12 rabbit holes to find a reasonable reason the US use 911 for their emergency number. According to Knowledge Stew, 911 was chosen because it was three digits and was not used as an area code.

Due to current rental crisis, Diamond is looking for a new home. She is an 11yo Malamute with a heart of gold. She's now been kenneled for over 8 months. Having worked with her all that time, I absolutely trust her. She's been having a pretty shit time and really needs someone who's got her back. She requires constant grooming and not being a young dog will require vet care into the future. She's currently near Cairns FNQ. If you know anyone who might take her on please get in touch. #dogs

In my floor warden training yesterday, they mentioned something I was previously unaware of - if you call the 000 emergency line, but it's unsafe for you to speak, dialing "55" will transfer to a police line with call tracing capabilities.

I'd never heard that before! File that nugget in the back of your brain, folks.

SO excited about Eye of the Beholder for C64/128 - after all the years of hard work finally coming to fruition!

Can't wait to get back home from holiday and fire it up on my C128Dcr - I know what I'm playing next! Wow!!

Some C128 Bonuses:
- 2Mhz!
- 1351 Mouse! (works with C64, too)
- 2nd Monitor support for auto-map!



#C128 #C64 #Commodore #retrogaming #dungeonsAndDragons

Happy palindromic date day for most of the world: 22/11/22

CW: introduction, war 

Now that I’ve found my forever (for now) Mastodon home, it’s time for a third and final (?) #introduction! I’m a #historian / #histodon from #Melbourne. I’m all about the #history of #aviation, mostly in #Britain but #Australia too. But I’m interested less in aircraft themselves than in their #cultural and #emotional effects, how they made people think and feel (“airmindedness”, more or less).

My first book, The Next War in the Air, was about British fears of bombing in the early 20th century; I’m currently writing another, Home Fires Burning, on the German air raids on Britain in #WW1. More at my (seldom-updated) research blog:

I run some bots which post related historical #newspaper articles from #Trove: @TroveAirBot, @TroveAirRaidBot, @TroveUFOBot

For fun, I play with #AIArt: @AirmindedAI. And I have another bot which just posts AI-generated scifi spaceships: @TTAships

Meech talked me into serving Second Breakfast today. I think he knows I'm about to vanish for a week and is leveraging that to manipulate me because he knows I'll miss him.

Joke's on him. He's gonna miss me too.

Hey if you run multiple Mastodon instances using shared resources (like shared DB/Redis/ES) and having multiple differently configured sidekiq and web heads on the same machines

Would you mind letting me know what level of provisioning works for you per unit of CPU and RAM? I’d appreciate having some numbers here 🙂

#MastoAdmin #MastoAdmins

LB: Tusky 20 has the new icon in it that I designed! :D

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