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I used "Capex" in a sentence today. It's too late for me. Run. Save yourselves.

Just got a call from my psych asking me if I'd done my homework and I just became a terrified schoolkid again for a moment. Good times!

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tips for "LB" "Last Boost" posts 

did you know that, at least on Mastodon, if you reply to the post you boosted, but manually remove the original poster's @-handle, then write your "LB: my commentary here" post, you won't be spamming the original poster's notifications and someone reading your post can simply click into it and go up in the thread to see exactly what "LB" refers to. this way they don't have to scroll back on their TL or go to your TL to know what you're referencing

So i spent some of this week exercising my 6502 muscles and wrote a machine code monitor for the BBC micro. Its a bunch of *commands but can also run as shell with breakpoint debugging!

Getting a lot of straight-up twitter crossposts boosted onto my timeline these days. I don’t approve - if I wanted twitter I’d be on twitter

good luck to any british people trying to have a normal one today.

I think we can all agree, however, that making little jokey posts about it instead of actually doing anything is sure to help, right?

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The amount of forms they've given me to fill out before my ADHD assessment feels like a terrible practical joke. It maybe it's part of the test and if I fill them out, the diagnosis is negative.

Just realised it's only like, three days until I leave for Sydney.

I should probably think about packing and stuff. Looking at a weather forecast for there might be a good move.

Do you know of any retro-computers YouTube or PeerTube channel run by a woman? All the ones I’m regularly watching are made by men and it’s bothering me.

Nice to see the full sponsors list prominently shown on the new Join Mastodon site, which includes a bunch of shitty online casinos, a "Buy Instagram followers" operation, and a joint that's offering to have "experts" take my classes for me.

Weirdly, I stopped getting a daily bunch of bots signing up to post ads for that kind of shit on Chinwag the day I delisted us from there. How odd.

Hmmmm I'm really going to need an in-wardrobe lighting solution. I guess I'll be punching a hole in the back at some point. 😁

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I think IKEA is telling me I'm about to make a terrible mistake because I don't know anyone with an ear pencil.

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Today not only did I survive a trip to IKEA without killing anyone, but I also justified owning a huge car.

Wondering if anyone from or has had experience with It looks like can hire a car for 10 days for $360. The other cheapest option is Alpha car rentals for $430. Just unsure if rentabomb will get me an unreliable shitshow or just a regular reliable old corolla or something.

I'll be in #Berlin much of next week. And given that most of the Fediverse lives in #Germany for some reason there's a non-zero chance somebody who sees this message might be within stomping distance from where I'll be.

If you want to meet up and say hi, that'd be cool! Additionally if you know of anybody who's involved in open source, or would like to chat about #Owncast while I'm in town, I'd be up for that, too!
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