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Yesterday I discovered a new way to end scam calls quickly and feel like a badass at the same time.

Them: I'm calling from your bank's fraud department, did you authorise a charge ...

Me: Say my name.

Them: *click*

If I were making an assessment of the noise impacts of a development proposal on its neighbours, so that a consent authority could properly consider the effect of sound producing activities according to its responsibilities under the EP&A Act 1979 and other relevant state planning policies, I would simply remember that rock ‘n’ roll ain’t noise pollution

Man, even whole planets are getting cancelled now. Leave Jupiter alone!

Noticed my new mini router PC has a slot for a LTE modem card and I could get one with GPS support maybe and get another stratum 1 NTP server going in the house.

Yes, another. Gotta have redundancy, right? :awesome:

Guling, wattle flower time - one of my favourite of Naarm's seasons :)

Some of my lilies have begun to bloom.

They’re bold and beautiful and they make me smile. Also, they’re dead easy to grow so long as they get enough water.


Is there some site where I can calculate estimated solar panel output if I give it panel efficiency, latitude, tilt angle and panel direction/azimuth? I'm just too lazy to do the trig and also allow for movement of sun through the year.

This will be a totally free show of course, and it'll be very loose - more than usual. We'll give out prizes and stuff!

There's no ticketing, just show up around 2 I reckon so you can get a couple of drinks into you and then we'll kick off.

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Friends - in two weeks I turn 50 because time is somehow a thing that happens.

At 3pm on August 14, myself, Damo and Eris are doing the Backyard Quiz (birthday edition) at Mamma Chen's in Footscray. You all should come.

We'll settle in and have drinks after!

Sucks that I ended up with Executive Dysfunction and not the regular kind of middle-aged ED.

First activist event I’ve ever organised and I’m so grateful to those who came along to support public housing.

Let’s make Victoria a place where all people have access to a home ❤️🏡

#springst #publichousing

Looking at a bunch of messages written by people ripped off by crypto bullshit and they're all the same. "I thought I could win at capitalism but now I'm scared that it will eat me."

I have an ASUS home router.

I want to set up three subnets in the house (for modem & router, for WiFi devices, and for wired connections)

I'm still learning, so I cannot (yet) turn my general knowledge into a specific solution. The ASUS router webterface is not particularly helpful here.

Anyone out there that can help? (boosts encouraged)

I had a friend who showed me an original pressing of the 1st album on which this appeared

and it was cool as hell and I'm old.

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I have completed today's Important Task by obtaining pants! I am unstoppable!

But I think I need to stop for a little bit.

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