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I wired the brick up as a very small external monitor, so you can, for instance, play Doom on it.

An American friend of mine showed me this today. It's beautiful but now I'm homesick.

Not sure how my day ended up including "spend seven hours taking shit in a bar" but I'm not sad that it did.

We released Monal 5.1.1 on iOS this week including a better group chat experience, a new and way better looking OMEMO fingerprints UI and faster reconnect times.
#xmpp #monal #ios

Asking for Dad, what's up with the Cantonese news (I think TVB news) on SBS? Dad usually watches it daily but it hasn't been broadcast since Tuesday. Whenever I've tried accessing it on SBS On Demand, there's just a notice that shows up stating that there's been no broadcast for the day without any further explanation.

I've tried googling for some info on it but get nothing. And it seems from the TVB news website itself that everything is running fine.

Sure is a lot easier pulling all this extra wiring and crap out than it was getting it in there.

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Didn't have Gunter for very long really, but there sure are a lot of cool memories buried in the glove box.


Juneau convinced me to get back in bed and now I am stuck for my Saturday

dall-e is an impressive technological marvel, but DID YOU KNOW: for a nominal fee, you can hire unfathomably talented artists living in poverty to render any and all of your invasive thoughts NO QUESTIONS ASKED

I may be subject to some kind of Greek Salad curse. After some disappointing deliveries, I decided to make my own, and ordered everything I needed from the supermarket.

When I unpacked, the jar of olives had broken in transit. It was the only damaged item.

I was really depressed for the last two days because I left my ring on the lawn and the crows stole it BC shiny. It's irreplaceable and Akkas gave it to me two years ago so I was devastated. I dredged the pond and used a metal detector all over the lawn but it was gone. But today I cooked the crows bacon in the morning and this afternoon it was returned RIGHT WHERE I LEFT THE BACON!!!!!

There are a lot of diesel Holden Captivas that are about ten years old around. Anyone got any opinions on those? The specs look right for what I want but I know nothing about them.

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Just had The Talk with my mechanic and I think it's time to bid Gunter a fond farewell.

Anyone in Melbourne looking for IT support related work, ping me and let me know you're available. I might know of something coming up soon.

It's so foggy outside that all you can see from the office windows is a white haze, like the rest of the world is just completely gone now and this is all that remains.

When the coffee runs out, savagery will reign.

Um, no. The affectionate word we use is not "rooster", Guardian.

Queer Melbourne recs please 

Where's a good place for 2 wives to have a cosy coffee together, or a relaxed place to have a drink and a dance together without everyone staring?

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