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For a community, you *have* to ban early and ban often, and defederate early and often.

As an admin, it's your job to protect the ✨vibes✨ of your space, to promote community, and to remove elements that are toxic or harmful.

A service doesn't work the same way. It isn't attempting to create (or promote) a specific vibe, it's just *there*. You make of it what you will, find what you will, and (as an end user) block what you will.

The admin "just" makes the service available.

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A few months back CSIRO’s comms office asked me to do an interview for International Women’s Day, and because I work for Data61 (data science) but with S&A (space science), it disappeared into the pit of red tape.

I was worried my “fix the system, not the women” points were too snippy for their liking, but it turns out they just wanted to make sure my comments about space debris weren’t too doom and gloom. So it finally released yesterday, snippy-ness intact!


@Curator @ash there’s a great book called Upside Down World, of early European drawings of Australian animals that world for this theme.

First course. Hand made potato gnocchi, fried in sage butter and served with sautéed kale. #food

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My brain is a bit melty from doing election training quizzes so I think I'm going to play a shooty game and see if that helps me unwind a bit. Nearly finished the online sections, and got my in person training on Saturday.

Less than 2 weeks to go!

That Avatar movie looks like it's going to be a pretty good video game.

anyone bought any useful & interesting tech lately?

There's been a weird recurring issue here for the last couple of weeks that nobody could quite put their finger on and was really inconsistent about appearing.

Surprise! It was DNS.

Seems there's a misconception of .art doing the rounds, so let me clear that up!

We're an art instance, but we *do not* expect or enforce our users to only post their artwork here - it's actually very much the opposite!

The Fediverse is a community, and .art is a community. We like knowing each other on that communal level. We like seeing what artists do when they're not creating art; snippets from each other's daily lives, pet photos, side projects. We're here to find new friends.

Larry Page in 1997: "Sigh, it sucks having to look everything up in books. I wish I could just google it. Hey, wait a sec... that's it! Hey Sergey Brin, we should invent Google!"

Sergey Brin: "Okay"

If you're keen for some of my short fiction, some of it not available anywhere else, check out my Patreon. Also loads of other content. Linktree in my bio. Meanwhile, here's Rufus. What a doofus.

Now I've replaced both the keyboard and trackpad on this, my cheap and slightly dodgy old Thinkpad is now back to 100% operational. Hope it lasts at least a few more years. It's a 2017 model so the battery is probably the next thing I'll need to deal with. Everything else runs well enough for my needs.

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After completely disassembling my laptop to replace the keyboard, and then reassembling it and disassembling it again three times because the hinges are REALLY WEIRD, it's finally back together and working 100%!

I can type "C" again whenever I want! Woohoo!

My goodness there's a lot going on here. Australian town planning as seen from 1949. Very fucked in a lot of ways (lots of the old Terra Nullius vibes at the start) but really fascinating.

Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

My little . It gets full sun until around 2pm, and then has some soothing shade for the rest of the day.

Managed to get up to Armidale and surrounds for a few days and catch up with family. It really is lovely up there this time of year

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