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My boy Gunter is back on the road! Cost a little more in the end than I hoped but not as much as I feared. Now to resume my project of fucking up all the electrics.

on this tgif, spare a thought for the venues coming back to full capacity. they are not ready, the new staff are not fully trained, the old staff are brittle and hollow, and none of the punters are pub-fit.

good luck out there, and remember, if you break a glass, don't pick it up with your bare hands, even if you're trying to help.

Today's small victory - rescued a locked iPad of long-forgotten ownership from the brick pile by guessing that the passcode was set to 123456.

Looking forward to seeing what my co-workers look like today. I know I'm definitely going to blank on a few people who I've been recognising purely by their masks.

While I'm sending out reminders for my various co-op pipe dreams: anyone want to start an #XMPP server run as a platform co-op? We've got a mailing list and chat room, but we need a wider skill set represented before we can reasonably get started! DM me for details! #coops

Nice article on #XMPP:

"XMPP, A Comeback Story: A 20 Year Old Messaging Protocol For Robust, Private and Decentralized Communications:

Everyone loves a comeback story. Can a 20 year old overlooked technology make a comeback as a completely decentralized, free, and scalable technology for the growing masses of people who value freedom and privacy? "

Had a ticket opened yesterday by someone whose phone extension ends in 6502 and now I'm wondering if I can hijack that somehow.

Anyone who tells you 'i went from having to borrow money to making £4m in a day' is a con artist trying to get you to buy into a pyramid scheme, not grounds for a serious article, guardian.

Must be about a year exactly since I bought my car as in getting a lot of emails about renewing my insurance and stuff right now. :awesome:

I'm wearing more light coloured clothes today than I usually do, and I feel oddly exposed and vulnerable when I remember this fact. Stupid brain thing being weird again.

When a power supply issue to some AV gear leads you to discover that some past technician decided that DC over Cat5 was a great idea whose time had come.

It's been exactly one year since FediTips began! :blobcatbirthday: 🎂

Do you have any particular Fediverse-related topics you want more info about? Any requests?

Let me know by replying below...

In the meantime, let's enjoy this avant garde synth birthday song (and no, this isn't me and it wasn't made for FediTips, but it's on the Fediverse so that's a good enough reason to share it!):

#FediTips #Birthday #HappyBirthday

Who needs coffee when you can just walk into the office and find that a UPS has failed overnight?

Business idea: improv classes for building floor wardens to help spice up those dull fire drills and engage the audience.

My son was just logged out of his Minecraft account on his tablet then after logging back in all of his worlds (the ones he's built in) are gone. He can create new ones from the things he's purchased (still available in his account) but all his work with eg xor gates is gone.

I've looked at the file system from my laptop and I can't find anything other than what it shows in app (iow: I can't find the old worlds).


Hi! My internet radio station ( is currently being played in several local businesses in Ellijay GA.

We're accepting submissions for music to play on the radio, if you'd like your band to be heard by folks from and traveling to Ellijay, GA, and the handful of folks that listen online, HMU!

Hey Fedi.

I have a acquaintance interested in mastodon. Looking for an instance focused around outdoorsy stuff. Any recommendations?

#askfedi #askfediverse

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