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Oh the bright side, first trip with the new phone and it scanned the QR check-in code like a champ. Amazing what a difference not having a spiderweb of cracks over the camera lens makes!

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A barista I didn't recognise was at the cafe this morning and put sugar in my coffee.

I don't recall saying anything about sugar, and I usually don't because everyone else there recently has said "no sugar, right?" to me as I ordered. I should be explicit I guess, but I'd expect them to default to the negative.

This month's Monthly Music Book Club album is "Wink" by Chai ...

It's also available on Spotify (and presumably other streaming services).

It looks like Bandcamp Friday is now a thing of the past, but don't let that stop you from buying it. Bandcamp is awesome and we should be supporting them too!

Let's have a listen and get together in the XMPP room ( the weekend of 25/26 June.


First photo of Meech with the new phone. Just look at this little man. This is him coming into my office to politely remind me that it is dinner time.

I just increased the size of the default font on my new phone and I think this is the first time I've ever actually felt old.

Switched my SIM card to the new phone, I'm committed now.

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Fedifriends I know you've seen this but I'm posting public this time so it crossposts to Twitter. :awesome:

Side note - I reinstalled the Twitter app to be able to reply if anyone responds to this and my god everyone there is just so ANGRY all the time.

I love you all. Can't wait to delete that thing again.

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Another post to say that I'm dead keen to find someone in the friend-of-a-friend network to house sit for me, starting in about a month, for 4-6 weeks.

So say, if you've doing lockdown in a sharehouse and want some peaceful time with a really sooky cat, hit me up.

Testing the new phone camera by showing you what's wrong with the old one!

First new phone for 3.5 years. I stretched my old Moto X4 a pretty long way but it's time to move on.

Hoping for another 3+ years out of this one!

Hahaha my delivery that didn't show up yesterday has been rescheduled for Monday.

Guess which day is the only day in this entire lockdown that I actually am required to go into the office?

Even though I couldn't leave the house anyway, I am still somehow very annoyed that I've been waiting here all day for a delivery that hasn't come.

Well, it still needs to be slept on to confirm it works, but the bed platform is now finalised. The big tent plus my fold up cot fit under it nicely with room for most of the bedding too.

Finally bit the bullet and ordered a new phone, this one has been great for 3.5 years but the battery life is total rubbish now and the crack on the camera glass precludes me from scanning QR codes which is annoying.

I think once someone has access to a couple of my email accounts most things are recoverable, by accessing the various backups and redeploying everything on new servers.

It'd take time and you'd need to redelegate some domains but it'd be a viable option without being able to access the current set of VMs.

So folks, if I vanish in a desert sometime in the next couple of months, rest assured that you'll be able to continue posting pictures of cats via Chinwag. :awesome:

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While I'm not doing anything really high risk, it's silly to think my upcoming 10,000+km trip is risk-free.

So for Chinwag services, I'm currently arranging disaster recovery options! It's actually kind of fun to think about making all the secrets that keep services secure available to people in a pinch.

Today I set up a second encrypted phone with access to my 2FA codes and password database. The device will be with one trusted party, and the PINs etc with someone else.

I love the unabashed pragmatism of the lyrics to 500 Miles, "when the money comes in for the work I do, I'll pass *almost* every penny on to you".

Because y'know - I love you but a man's gotta eat, hon.

Waiting for just ONE more email at which point my long service leave dates should be 100% confirmed and locked and and oh god I hope I can leave the state when it starts hahaha

I finally closed the book on a source of stress and anxiety that's been buzzing around in my brain literally for years.

Can't wait to see what my brain replaces it with!

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