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A coffee shop I visit often has this tendency to change my name from Mike to Michael after I order, leaving me blankly staring into space when they call out a different name when my coffee is ready.

Yes my legal name is Michael, but I never use it. It's not me. The short form sets a different expectation, too. "Magic Mike" does not have the same audience as "Magical Michael".

Wouldn't it be be nice if schools could embrace FOSS software...

At my high school (perspective of a student), they have Moodle set-up on one of their servers on-site. It's perplexing to me as to why the teachers would rather make clunky digital exams with Google Forms and then complain about them not working, than to just use Moodle.

The NSW DoE has become so reliant on proprietary stuff. I can't find any detailed contract information regarding Google on any government website. Help?

Caught the sunrise this morning from the top of Walshs Pyramid. Started hiking up at 4:30am. Absolutely bloody beautiful morning. Pro tip - take a jumper next time ;-)

Over the past 15 years of using #XMPP, I've seen many messengers come and go. People complain about the hassle of switching messengers, but many express a preference for the "simplicity" of gated gardens.... Do they count the cost of switching as well?

A truly sustainable messenger can only be a decentralized protocol, not just an app.

Learn how to join:

Optional: but if you think about setting up your own server:

I have been looking for this monitor stand for two days, and have rearranged most of the house in the process figuring I'd tucked it away under something somewhere.

I found it today, leaning against the side of the desk I intend to put it on.

There's a guy who works at my local IGA that looks enough like Kumail Nanjiani that I do a double take whenever I see him, but not enough like him to prevent me feeling vaguely racist afterwards.

Do any instance admins know how to undo an account set as a memoriam?

I was curious about it’s exact functionality as it doesn’t appear to be documented anywhere and now the user account I tested it on is locked out.

I’ve tried various options using tootctl commands (activate, unblock etc) but the account still can’t be logged into.

Pro tip: don’t set a Mastodon account as a memoriam if you ever want to gain access to it again 😂

can I drink two litres of chocolate milk before midnight?

Some days I actually wake up feeling full of energy, ready to deal with things on my to-do list or really any random shiny thing that catches my eye.

Today is the opposite of one of those days.

What's more awesome than blue? Stygian blue! Have a read of this and check out the demos

Does anyway know of any PeerTube instance in Australia? The nearest one that I could find is

Ended up roasting it, then doing a pumpkin, sweet potato and cashew curry, with beans and basil from the garden. Served with coconut rice.

Bloody delicious and also vegan, it's one of the recipes I know I can serve up to pretty much anyone.

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Dinner tonight will feature this fantastic-looking pumpkin I grew in the back yard. Not sure yet if I want to just straight up roast it or do something a little more special.

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