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Unanswered questions at this point are how best to switch between solar and alternator charging, and whether the battery box will ever leave the car.

For the first part, right now it's just going to be yanking the plug out of the battery feed and swapping in the panel. Simple and probably effective enough but I'd kinda like a big solar on/off switch somewhere. Maybe.

Everything is simpler if the battery stays in the car but maybe it's too inflexible. I'm about 50/50 on this issue.

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First live test of the car's dual battery switch! It works! The backup battery is getting charged when the engine is running as long as the primary is full.

Normally when fitting taps, the last thing I use is the cheap and crappy plastic washers that come in the box with them.

Apparently, for some reason, when I put new taps in the bath, I did use the shitty ones.

Guess what I had to replace first thing this morning?

This is my first ever Toot. Looking forward to Chinwag after much research on the best instance 😀

Finally rearranged a bunch of stuff in the backyard, allowing me to get Meech's house up onto its concrete slab under the tree. Need to plant some more stuff around it to really keep it sheltered and cool, but tonight's dinner was served on the patio and Meech seemed happy enough with the arrangement.

Rainbow lorikeets are in my apple tree, eating my apples already. Might have to defensively harvest in a week or so. It's ok while they're at the topmost ones, I'll never get to those anyway, but that won't satisfy them for long.

Does anyone recommend a Mastodon client for iOS that doesn't treat image alt text and accessibility features as an afterthought? Using Mast now and I can tell accessibility was not a priority for them.

Is there something similar to Fail2Ban that isn't so horrendous to configure? #sysadmin

I went to Mars once it's no big deal just rocks and shit.

... and now the corn cob has gone into the back yard compost bin. The circle of life.

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Cooked dinner on the BBQ tonight because it was too hot and stuffy in the kitchen. Part of my meal was corn and beans from the backyard which never even entered the house between sowing and consumption.

I don't know if this is much of a real achievement but hey, it happened.

Drive through bottle shops are pretty much designed to take advantage of people who've been stuck in traffic for an hour on a 35 degree day.

About to make an expedition to the electronics shop, which is always difficult because I have to remember that I'm not able to just buy everything in the shop.

I think someone on here posted about, and I was completely fascinated.

I was poking around listening to stations in the Outback and, long story short, I'm now obsessed with this funky little community radio station in Alice Springs:

Pro-tip for how to get around the Facebook news ban in Australia, or any other country for that matter, don’t have a Facebook account.

SBS just published an article on how to follow their news posts without Facebook, which made no mention of their RSS feed which is how I saw the damned thing they posted.

How about we knock up an RSS feed reader that looks exactly like Facebook and just point older relatives at that and go "oh look the news is back"?

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