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A discussion of basements in the Chinwag Lobby recently led to Queenslander architecture and the opposite approach to underfloor storage. One of our users produced this link today and oh my god it's a lot.

I'm finding some of those 70s Queensland accents almost impenetrable, but it's a hell of a watch.

Oddly those homes remind me a lot of the one I grew up in, MUCH further south.


How to sell the lack of a feature (computer with no way to save your work) as a feature

We're camped at Barcaldine tonight and I wandered down to the local lagoon around sunset and was not disappointed.

#landscape #nature #photo #reflection #sunset

Ideas I've had that I'll never get around to #234: Register a political party called "True Blue Aussie Mates, Pies and Utes Party" that just mirrors Greens policy on every single issue.

Today's mask making efforts 😁 My friend who gave me all the star wars fabric also destashed a whole lot more at me a few weeks ago.

Food, breadposting 

I made bread this morning, it came out excellently as usual, plus the resulting toastie. 👌🏻

Yesterday I hand-soldered 160 surface-mount pin connections and I haven't dared plug the thing in yet because I don't want to have to test all those fucking joints if something doesn't work.

I cancelled a cPanel-based hosting plan for a customer about 6 weeks ago and despite all the warnings about "this is immediate and irrevocable" the backup cron job I set up to transfer everything to one of my servers on a nightly basis is still running faithfully. I'm keen to see how long this continues for.

#AskMastodon Anyone with #electronic/ #electricity knowledge? (see screenshot attached)
What does Vpp means on the "electronic call" line? Thx.

Hello electronics fedi and hams in particular.

OK, I have a working scope. What's the best way to stick a probe onto the output of a transmitter that's dumping into a dummy load?

T it off? I expect problems with this.

Build a transformer?

Is there a special probe I should use?

Just got a SMS notification from DHL about a delivery. Couldn't think of anything I'd ordered, it took me a while to figure out it must be my Pinebook! Now I'm pretty keen, can't believe I'd managed to almost completely forget about it.

Roses are loud
Violets are feared
shouldn't have taken that other half
synaesthesia is weird

A reader submission this morning from one of the windows of the prison where refugees are held, at Kangaroo Point Central Hotel & Apartments. The men imprisoned on this side of the prison are not allowed out even on to their balconies.

We ❤️ U

STM32 learning continues. No that's not done with interrupts, yes you're right it should be but the PAC crate gave me the willies.

Next up to extend this ultra low frequency pwm to actual pwm which was the point of this before I got sidetracked.

Someone from Oakland posted this pic of a PSA truck with LED messages about washing your hands driving around under the smoke sky. A NEW LIFE AWAITS YOU ON THE OFF WORLD COLONIES

Ok so I might be way more into flight simming than is safe for my wallet.

Anyone know how to custom make your own usb devices? I'm assuming I'm looking at the HID class for stuff like lights/keys which can be bound to software functions/readouts from software APIs?

Any resources that use arm boards like the STM32s? Is it just a serial protocol that you have to implement? What about writing drivers for windows? or are there generic drivers you can just use?

Hi. If you're gonna fucking tell somebody to google (or duckduckgo or whatever) something when they ask for help, just shut the fuck up. Most people know perfectly well how to search for shit, and if they're not finding things, they'll turn to the people instead of the shitty search engines. You're insulting their intelligence, and you're making them feel shitty about needing help. Everybody starts somewhere. If you've got the knowledge, share it! Help others! Quit putting them down!

It takes time to register on forums, it takes time to post the question, it takes time to figure out how to explain the problem. And if they're going through that process, there's a good fucking chance that they've already exhausted their search options, and are probably frustrated.

So just don't. You're being an asshole and nobody whatsoever ever appreciates being told "here let me google that for you" or "go google it" or any of that. If you have the knowledge, share it. Otherwise, shut. The. Fuck. Up.

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