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Hi Everyone,

In October I'm going to be riding my bike (more than usual) to raise money for the Children's Medical Research Institute to continue their work into the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and finding a cure for childhood cancer. Some of you will know how close this is to my heart, having been through that wringer more than once with my youngest (now very healthy and well) lad.

If you can throw some money their way, I would really appreciate it!

Here's a little something to brighten your morning, folks.

"A Canberra landlord who sued her former tenant for almost $6,000 over a broken coffee plunger and alleged unpaid rent has been told to pay $2,629 to the tenant instead."

Just replied to an email that I left hanging for a hair under six years.

Organisationally speaking, I am ON FIRE today.

Just got around to fixing a five year old problem that's been blocking me from doing a proper migration of the Pretty Grouse web site so I guess that's one thing I achieved today.

Being stuck inside with only glowing screens for work, play and social interaction has us dreaming of previous Grouse times in the outdoors. Once upon a time there was sunshine and grass and wildlife, but right now the best thing a lot of us can do is live vicariously through old blog posts.

I've been meaning to write a blog post complaining about how (seemingly) every anti-capitalist organisation, publication etc just loves to use the not anti-capitalist social media (FB, birdsite, even patreon etc) and apparently has no cognitive dissonance over that.

Before I do, can anyone think of any exceptions to that rule? A socialist party, a left newspaper, anything like that that actually uses fedi (or something similar) actively?

@pfefferle - is there a reason the AP plugin for Wordpress needs to be user-centric? Would it be possible to maybe have an AP identity for a category name?

I'm the only one writing for the blog right now, but I'd like to keep the option open for people to follow all posts, even if there are multiple authors.

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Hey fedifriends, I've set it up so you can follow the "Quickies" posts on Pretty Grouse on here directly at @quickies

Not full content just yet, I'm still not sure how these are going to be formatted and displayed etc. It's a work in progress!

"Quickies" is the closest thing to the old Grouse Site of the Day format where it's just a link or two and me trying to be vaguely funny about it.

Everything has RSS feeds too, if that's more your style. You can also ignore it completely!

This experimental edition of Quickies that is both a test post and a plug for one of our other sites! Time efficiency is Grouse!

I just had a bacon and egg roll and a large latte delivered to my house and I can't believe it took me this long to realise that ordering lunch was actually possible.

Ok, the ultimate poll...

My boy was just sitting on his chair by the back door this morning like nothing ever happened. I can't begin to express how relieved I am. He missed like 5 breakfasts and is now having a big one.

Acorn Archimedes - A Technical Introduction - 1987 BBC VHS Video

If you're wondering what the big deal is with this fancy new Archimedes computer, how "RISC" is going to change everything (but won't require you to change anything), how computer circuit boards are assembled and repaired, and what a "mouse" does ... this is an excellent little video to watch.

I know he was (is) a feral cat so he knows how to survive out there, but he's been living here about 18 months now and I thought he was settled.

The last week though, something changed in his patterns and he went from being on a bed all day to just showing up for meals - sometimes pretty late in the evening.

I didn't think much of it when he missed one day, but this is just stretching on and on and I dunno what to think.

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Going a bit out of my mind with worry because Meech hasn't come home for three nights now. It's not unprecedented for him to wander off for a day here and there but this is way past anything he's done before.

I keep expecting to feel a big thump on the bed in the middle of the night but it just hasn't happened.

If like me you are a hopeless millenial not taught basic life skills by lead addled boomers this book is brilliant!

Closest thing I've found to a text book on how to unfuck a garden and replace it with something that provided homes to the non humans we have displaced.

Righto, it's time to reveal the whole #knife.

I've sharpened it up (could shave with it if I was so inclined), and everything is pretty much done (as much as anything created thing is "done").

So here it is. A Petty Chef knife, made from Damascus style steel (knife blank from Odin's Arms), with Ringed Gidgee handle and Ironbark insert.

#knifeMaking #PettyChef #shiny

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Since the quarantine started I’ve been making a loaf of Shokupan bread twice a week. That’s about 35 loafs and I’m now able to do them without thinking and really without effort. It’s very satisfying to get really good at something new.

It’s after midnight, the latest Shokupan is done... now waiting for it to cool down.

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