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I've noticed a recurring theme about working in IT and specifically as a #sysadmin that eventually makes you want to give it all up, quit and become a farmer 🤔👨‍💻➡️👨‍🌾

Sure are a lot of people out there who seem to equate "not available on Netflix right now" with "erased permanently from human history".

I can honestly say that the world was a better place before Facebook existed. #deletefacebook

Current status: enjoying a slice of toasted sourdough that I could probably charge $6.50 for if I had a trendy cafe.

I was supposed to see my doctor this morning, but she'd called in sick. I'm honestly surprised that doesn't happen more often.


Food, assistance requested 

Hey, just published a great article on how I design and implement infrastructure, and how that shaped Cloud Island.

Check it out!

Heh, I just found the source code for my robot DJ that I wrote about 12 years ago when I was the tech guy for a student radio station.

R2DJ kept the tunes rolling, back-announced tracks by calling a text-to-speech tool and picked songs so that they'd finish as close as possible to on the hour, ready for someone in the studio to bump him off the stream.

I think I want to run a radio station again.

Found a disk labelled "Games" in the CP/M boxes. The floppy drive started playing up again before I could start Zork though. I think I'm going to need to swap the mechanism over from the external drive.

Some developers in the IWW are making a FOSS, federated union comms app. They're also looking for developers, testers, and people who can help keep things organized.

I realised that with the prominent star anise flavour this stuff had a pretty similar flavour profile to Galliano so I tried making a Harvey Wallbanger and holy shit it worked pretty well.

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Hey Fedi, any recommendations for an MP3 player that's really accessible for people who are blind?

Here is the fluffy belly in question. How am I meant to sit down and think about computers when this boy is around?

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Really annoying that I'm working on something that I can't post progress pics of. It's supposed to be something of a surprise for someone and I can't guarantee they won't stumble on the posts.

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