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Coin flip poll: toss a coin IRL, and let's see what the distribution looks like.

Poll's done!

"Tails" came out ahead, and was actually in the lead the whole time. The gap closed to about 1% about half way, and then grew again. If it was the first option, I'd kind of think that people were just donkey voting, but maybe it'd smooth out again after a long enough time.

Someone please submit a patch to Mastodon that randomises the presented order of poll options, please.

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I've been seeing a few events recently where people are selling tickets to a live video performance, which is great ... but they give no info on how the stream is being delivered.

That's kinda important. I'm not paying if I have no idea if I'll be able to watch it or not.

I've been told today is World Bee Day! 🐝

Kind of pleasantly surprised how usable a 35 year old word processor program could be, also still blows my mind a little that I could just casually send it into the background and open a command prompt to check something, in an environment from 1985.

Weekend deviousness:
1. Create an AI too that asks plausible, yet vague issues, which can easily be mistaken by many others as the problem they might also have

2. Create a bot which posts these to various forums, including StackOverflow

3. Have the bot reply an hour later: “nvm fixed it myself”

Very excited to realise I need to go to the chemist and get a prescription filled today, as it means I can swing by the cafe and get a cup of coffee made by a professional for a change.

The results were not hilariously bad, or spectacularly good. All I got was a kinda flat loaf. Smells OK though, so I'm sure it'll be fine with a poached egg on it.

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I shaped a loaf of sourdough yesterday morning, and left it to rise during the day. I intended to bake it around dinnertime but completely forgot. Now I have a blob of dough that's been doing its thing for about 36 hours all up. It's very puffy but I have a feeling it's going to collapse hard when I transfer it to the dutch oven.

Stay tuned for either a "wow, this turned out surprisingly well" or a "hahah look how fucked up this is" post.

So my mods aren't done yet, it seems. The coin cell I put on the expansion board in place of the leaky old thing isn't quite providing enough power I think.

The time and date is RETAINED when the power's off, but the clock doesn't advance.

Maybe I could just replace it with a modern board, they're not expensive. Not like 512K of RAM is a big-budget item these days.

I guess it's not really that critical that the date be right either, though.

@talkthetalk Oh, and they've created a new fedi account too... @becauselangpod

Follow them. They're smart. And they're good #perth based peeps.

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Just a little vent... Why is that so many left/socialist "things" (groups, media, podcasts etc) insist that the way to engage with them is "through our facebook group"? Not something here on the fediverse, not an RSS feed, not an email address... No, we need to engage through one of the worst examples of the capitalist world when all we want to do is to smash it. </vent>

Could someone please blow Microsoft up so I can stop trying to figure out their godawful licensing shit?

To all the Australians here, The Australian Perceptions of Abortion Study is currently underway and certain conservative groups are piling in to bias the results. Please consider taking the survey if you're in Australia

Hi Fediverse 👋

to break the quietness of this account, here's a quick news flash:

- We added a list with Zoom alternatives 🤙

- We replaced some entries on "Bubbling under" 🔧

- We added Cryptpad to the Doodle list as it has a poll feature 🗒️

- Our DRM article has images now 🙃

- We have an Audible list in the pipeline 🎧

Thanks to @uniq for the nudge to write this! 😊👍

The Southern Cross, from my backyard tonight. Not that it's easy to pick out amongst the myriad of other stars.

200mm f/1.8 ISO 3200, 8 sec exposure

#Photo #AstroPhotography #Night

Cooking, recipe advice 

Hey I’ve been having trouble tracking down an old (late 90s or very early 2000s probably) shareware game, boosts appreciated

The game had very simplistic graphics, was kinda like a 3d doodle jump with a low-poly robot that had to jump on platforms, all taking place in a white void. Does it ring a bell to anybody?

Hi, I was looking for some email hosting that will allow me to simply send and receive emails on my domain name and set this up for a few others? I was thinking of using G-suite, but is there something better for me?

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